The Easy Home Organizing Schedule That Actually Works (with a FREE Printable Calendar)

Follow this simple home organizing schedule to keep your home organized all year long. Includes a free printable home organization calendar for your planner!

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Organizing your home can be overwhelming. When the new year rolls around, I'm always inspired to declutter and organize all the things but then I'm just not sure where to start.

I knew I needed a plan to get and keep my home organized all year long.

I decided to map out my organizing projects by month, and guess what happened? I was able to focus on the parts of my home that needed work each season and make sure that everything was covered.

This system is super easy, and I've created a free printable calendar and to-do list so that you can get and stay organized too!

Ready to start? Here's everything you need.

 Why You Need a Home Organization Calendar

Making a plan to get organized is just as important as tackling each individual organizing project. Without it, you can feel overwhelmed and quit before you even start. Or, you'll simply move things from one room to another without ever actually accomplishing your goals. 

By breaking your organizing projects into categories and assigning yourself dates to tackle them, you'll feel more in control and able to finish what you've started. And by doing this monthly rather than weekly, you'll give yourself plenty of time to work through the list.

Need a quick start to declutter before you organize? Check out my 75 things you can throw away today!

The Easy Home Organizing Schedule

You can start this plan at any point throughout the year - just jump in and get organizing! Here's your project for each month, and a few tips to help you with each one.

January: Clothing & Shoes

Start the new year by organizing your clothes closets and dressers. Use my KonMari inspired checklist to declutter your clothes and help you decide what to keep and give away.

Tackle the kids' dressers and use these free printable labels to help keep things tidy. And make your school mornings easier with this genius DIY project.

And if you're storing clothes you'll need these tips and labels too!

February: Linen Closet

Organize your linens and towels this month. Get inspired with these genius linen closet organization ideas.

March: Kitchen & Pantry

This month head to the kitchen and organize your cabinets, pantry, refrigerator and freezer. Make a DIY plastic bag holder to tame your grocery bag clutter and get your recipes and meal plans organized with a printable recipe binder.

You can create a DIY snack station to help keep the kids' food organized and make lunch packing easier with these lunchbox hacks.

April: Garden & Outdoor

Celebrate the beginning of Spring by organizing your garden tools and outdoor items. Use this printable garden planner to start your planning and if you have pets, consider installing a dog proof garden fence before you plant.

May: Bathrooms

Get your bathroom counters and cabinets organized this month. Toss out anything that's old or expired and refresh your linens and towels (use this bathroom cleaning checklist to help you along). 

Organize the kids' bathroom with these tips and printables, then keep your bathroom clean and organized with these tips.

June: Summer Gear

This is the month to organize all your summer gear: pool bags, beach gear, and accessories for the backyard. Use this genius summer laundry hack to keep wet gear under control.

Want more summer organizing ideas? Click here for my 31 day summer organizing challenge!

July: Living & Family Room

Declutter and organize your living spaces this month. Declutter old books, magazines, or electronics that are in disrepair or are no longer used. Clear off surfaces and get piles under control with new storage baskets or furniture (find my favorites here).

August: Entryway/Mudroom

Start thinking about back to school by organizing your entryway or mudroom. Get all the tips and inspiration you need here.

September: School Supplies & Paper

When the kids go back to school the paper mountain begins. Get ahead of the game by organizing school and art supplies and creating a family command center with a DIY wall organizer for papers. 

You can even create an awesome command center just for your kids - see ours here

Get the ultimate toolkit for back to school organizing with my Back to School Bootcamp. Click here to check it out and grab a free printable Back to School Mini Planner!

October: Toys & Playroom

October is the perfect time to organize your kids' toys and play areas before the holiday rush. See how we do a Christmas toy purge here, and get my best tips for toy storage and playroom organizing here.

Make the pre-holiday organizing fun with this idea for decluttering toys before Christmas, and be sure to grab my free printable toy storage labels too!

November: Dining Room

Organize your dining area, linens, and dishes before Thanksgiving (and get more tips for getting your house organized for the holiday here).

December: Winter Gear

This is the time to get those coats, hats, mittens and boots organized. Clear out what doesn't fit anymore and be sure to donate them to those in need.

Bonus project for December: organize your Christmas decorations with these free printable storage labels!

Get the Free Printable Home Organization Calendar

I've created a free printable calendar and planner to help you keep your monthly organizing projects on track all year long. 

There are two pages to this set: first is a year at a glance calendar and a list of each month's organizing projects. This is perfect to put in your planner to keep tabs on which project you'll work on every month.

The second page is an organizing to-do list to help you track your progress. This is the place to write down any notes or details for each organizing task.

Get the set for FREE by clicking on the button below.


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