Genius Lunch Box Hacks for Busy Moms

Genius lunch box hacks to make the school year easier for busy moms!

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Back to School time means time to pack lunches. 180 lunches to be exact (give or take a few).

Whether you're a balanced bento box mom or a "toss in a Lunchables and call it a day" mom, by May I can guarantee one thing: you'll be DONE with making lunches. Packing lunch boxes every day can become a real source of stress, but it doesn't have to be. With a little preparation and a few clever lunch box hacks, you can make school lunch prep a breeze.  

 Genius Back to School Hacks for Busy Moms

Make a Lunch Box Drop Zone

Designate a spot on the counter for lunch gear - lunchboxes, water bottles, etc. Then you always know where they are when it's time to head out the door and where they go when you get home.⁣

It doesn't need to be fancy. Ours is just a clear bin and a chalkboard label. Totally simple and it works like a charm.⁣ If you want to avoid using counter space, you can clear out a small cabinet or drawer too.

Make a Self Serve Lunch Spot

Prep lunch essentials ahead of time and store in a self serve spot in the pantry or refrigerator. We use this as a snack station in the summer and easily transition it into a lunch box packing zone once school begins.

Prep Lunch Box Notes for the Entire Year at Once

Turn an inexpensive coupon organizer into a lunch box note file so you can prep printable lunch box notes for your children for the entire year at once.

I love adding notes to my boys' lunch boxes, and I have over 100 printable lunch box notes in my collection. At the beginning of the year, I print and cut them all out, then store them by holiday and season in a small expandable folder. It doesn't take long to do and then I can just grab a note each morning and pop it in their lunchboxes. So easy!

Store your organizer with the rest of your lunch gear so you always have it at your fingertips. It's totally optional, but you can also decorate it with a DIY label on your Cricut.

Let Kids Pack Their Own Lunches

This might sound impossible but it's actually super easy thanks to my handy lunch planning set

This set has everything busy moms need to encourage independence in their kids and show them how to pack their own lunches every day. Check it out here.

More Back to School Lunch Hacks

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Want more back to school hacks? Check this out!

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