The Simple Summer Laundry Hack Every Mom Needs (with Cricut Freebie)

Handle summer laundry like a pro with this super simple organizing hack! Includes a free printable Cricut file to make your own sign.

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Summer + kids means laundry. The wet towels and bathing suits alone make up an extra load a day for us as soon as the pool opens. So how do you handle all your wet summer gear? I have a super simple summer laundry hack that will keep those wet things from getting lost in the bottom of the pool bag or worse, the hamper. And a freebie for your Cricut too!

Simple Summer Laundry Hack

During the school year, we have a family drop zone just inside our front door. It's a place where my kids know to put their shoes, backpacks, and other gear as soon as they come home. In summer, we replace this with our wet gear drop zone. It's a super easy way to make sure that your kids know where their wet stuff should go, keeping it all in one spot and not strewn all over the house.

Creating a wet gear drop zone is simple. Start with a plastic laundry basket. It doesn't need to be fancy - ours came from the dollar store.

Then add in your "Wet Gear Goes Here" sign. Start with a small chalkboard sign. I used a chalkboard arrow that I picked up in the Target Dollar Spot, but you can find something similar online here.

Then, you can decorate it two ways: if you have a Cricut, I have a FREE printable file for you to use. 

Then upload it into Design Space, save as a cut file, and print on white vinyl.

If you don't have a cutting machine, you can simply write on your sign with a permanent chalk marker.

Attach your sign to your laundry basket with small zip ties. That's it!

Now decide where to set up your wet gear drop zone. You may even want to make more than one. We actually have two! One is on our deck, just outside the door. This is where my kids toss their towels and wet stuff when they are playing outside in the sprinkler.

We keep a second basket inside the mud room for when we get home from the pool. I make it a point to empty out the pool bag and put the wet gear in the basket so that I can wash it as soon as possible so we are ready to head out again!

Getting Organized for Summer Break

This summer laundry tip is just one of 31 quick ways to get organized for summer as part of my FREE 31 Day Summer Organizing ChallengeClick here to see all the ideas and grab a free printable organizing calendar too.

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Handle summer laundry like a pro with this super simple organizing hack! Includes a free printable Cricut file to make your own sign. This is a genius idea for dealing with wet towels, bathing suits, and other wet gear during summer break. You might need more than one! #laundry #organizedhome #summerbreak #momhacks

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