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Huge list of things to declutter in just a few minutes a day!

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By now you've probably watched Marie Kondo on Netflix and are ready to declutter all the things. But the minute you turned off the TV and looked around you were completely overwhelmed trying to decide what to declutter, where to start, and how you would find the time to do it all.

There's a secret to decluttering that you need to know. You can declutter your whole home in just 15 minutes a day. Ready to get started? Here's what to do.

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How to Declutter Your Home in 15 Minutes a Day

Deciding what to declutter can be an overwhelming process. We often bite off more than we can chew (especially when you're a busy mom and you know you only have short bits of time where the kids are playing nicely and you can concentrate). 

If you follow Marie Kondo's advice for clothes, for example, you need to gather EVERYTHING you own, contemplate it, then fold it perfectly. This sounds amazing, but honestly, I just need to be able to find my socks before it's time to take the kids to school.

See how to make the Konmari method work when you're a busy mom.

There's another solution for how to eliminate clutter in your house that is actually doable for everyone. You just need 15 minutes at a time, my list of things to declutter, and a willingness to throw things away. 

Below you'll find the list of things to declutter. Each area should only take you 15 minutes. You can do a quick declutter while dinner is in the Instant Pot, while you are waiting for the kids to put on their shoes (you know this takes longer than 15 minutes) or during their screen time. There are a few rules you have to follow to make this work.

1. You must decide what to keep and what to throw away. Otherwise you are simply moving clutter from one area to another. Grab 2 trash bags: 1 for donation and 1 for garbage. Everything goes either in bag 1, bag 2, or back in place.

Need help knowing what to toss and what to keep? Here are 75 things to throw away today! 

2. Concentrate on one small area at a time. You don't need to do your whole kitchen at once. Take the Tupperware cabinet, declutter, and be done. Finishing one area at a time will keep you under the time limit and prevent you from getting off track.

Ready to start? Here's the list of things to declutter to organize your home!

50 Things to Declutter in 15 Minutes

Gather all your books in one place, and sort them by category. Once you have them sorted by categories, quickly eliminate any that you don’t plan to read.

Food Storage Containers
Any storage containers that have missing lids or don’t get used, get rid of.

If you haven’t watched the movie in the last three years, you probably aren’t going to watch it in the next three. If you find yourself wishing you could watch a movie every now and again, renting might be a better option.

Shower/Bath Products
Go through all your showers and get rid of duplicates.

Office Supplies
Go through your office/desk area and get rid of anything you can’t use up in the next year.

Kitchen Utensils
For cooking supplies, keep enough to make an entire meal with twice. This way you have to wash them when they’re dirty as an added bonus.

Junk Drawer
Dump your junk drawer out onto the counter. Keep the things you use regularly and get rid of the rest.

Cleaning Supplies
Sort through your cleaning supplies and get rid of anything you aren’t using. If you have a bunch of duplicates, try to combine or get rid of the duplicates.

Your Pantry
Look for items that are expired or that you don’t eat. Do it shelf by shelf to make things easier.

Go one drawer at a time to stay under the time limit.

Beauty Products
Gather up your beauty products into two categories, skincare and makeup. For the makeup, get rid of anything that is still unopened and is a year old. For your other makeup that still remains, if it’s older than three months, it may be time to replace it anyway.

This applies to countertops, bedside tables, and any other surfaces you might have in your home. If you have items on the surface, they probably don’t belong there. Take the time to sort them by the room they go in, then put them away.

If your child hasn’t played with a toy in the last year, has outgrown them, or it’s broken/doesn’t work, it’s probably safe to get rid of it.

Kitchen Gadgets
We all have those kitchen gadgets that we got so we could make ____ at home. If you have not used that kitchen gadget in the last year, let it go.

Gather up your shoes based on family member, if at the end of a season they went unworn it’s time to part ways. For kids, if they don't fit or are too worn for next year then toss them.

Do a quick toss of vegetables and fruit that is past their prime, leftovers, and expired condiments.

You do not need to keep every plate and bowl. Have one full set that can host 8 or 12 depending on your family size and toss the rest.

Your Car
Cars are notorious for clutter. Clear out anything that you don't use or need (keep that emergency kit though!)

You need 2 sets of sheets for each bed and 1 extra blanket per person. Toss the rest.

Craft Supplies
Whether it's yours or the kids, craft supplies can cause clutter fast. Clear out any dried up markers, broken crayons, or items that are nearly empty.

Seasonal Decor
If you didn't put it up this year you probably won't next year.

Home Decor
If it's not out right now you probably don't need it. Remember everything we use to decorate is just one more thing to dust.

Medicine Cabinet
Toss old prescriptions and anything that's expired.

Cups and Mugs
Again, you don't need 10 cups per person. Keep 2-3 for each person in your family and toss the rest.

Toss receipts after you have reconciled your bank statement. If you need to keep something for a large purchase or a warranty, scan it.

If you coats or jacks that you don't wear frequently, donate them to someone who will.

I am so bad about collecting purses. Keep a few favorites and donate or sell the rest.

Magazines and Catalogs
If there's something you'd like to keep, tear it out and scan it. Toss the rest.

If you're keeping a whole cookbook for just one or 2 recipes, then scan them and donate the book.

Travel Sized Items
If you have unopened items, donate them. Toss the extras.

First Aid Supplies
Throw out anything that is expired and consolidate the rest.

Voicemail and Text Messages
Digital clutter is clutter too! Go through and delete what you don't need (photo messages take up a ton of storage space).

Paper Products (plates, cups, napkins, etc.)
Keep a supply for your next get together and clean out what you can't use.

Planners and Notebooks
I'm a planner girl but I don't keep these. Old planners and half used notebooks are just causing clutter. Use them then toss them.

Inbox (email)
Take 15 minutes to declutter your inbox by deleting messages you don't need and filing the rest.

Phone Accessories
I can almost guarantee that you have chargers and cases for phones you don't own anymore in your home. Toss them!

The same goes with cords. If you don't know what it's for or don't use the device anymore you don't need to keep it.

I send maybe 5 actual letters a year and I have 500 address labels. Toss the things you don't need!

Go through your tool box and purge duplicates or things that are not in good working order.

If you haven't used it recently then it's time to sell or donate.

Beach Gear
Go through your beach gear and discard anything that's broken or in bad condition. Toss old sunscreen.

Phone Apps
This is a great thing to declutter while you're waiting in a doctor's office or in line. Clear out old apps that you don't use and save space.

Desktop Folders
I'm pretty bad about having a messy computer desktop. Organize your desktop to make your computer time more productive.

Pet Supplies
Throw out toys that are beyond repair. Consolidate treats into a large jar, and consider getting rid of duplicate leashes or collars. Toss any expired medication or products.

Party Supplies
Toss out themed decor that you won't use again and consolidate things like candles or solid tableware.

Outdoor Toys
Toss anything that is broken or missing parts and donate or sell anything that the kids have outgrown.

Under the Sink
Clean out old cleaning supplies, sponges, etc and consolidate what's left.

Get rid of pans you don't use or things that are in bad condition.

If you can't remember when you bought it then throw it out. Consolidate the duplicates.

Dish/Cleaning Towels
Keep 5-7 good dish towels and one small container of cleaning towels (I like microfiber). Toss the rest.

Free Printable List of Things to Declutter

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