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I'm not sure when it happened. Maybe it was when we switched my twins to a big kid bedroom and I decided to store the crib sheets with a grand vision of turning them into dog beds someday. Or when we got new towels and I decided to keep the old ones, just in case. I'm not sure exactly, but somewhere along the line my linen closet became an overstuffed, unorganized disaster. And now I have a stack of clean sheets (mostly folded - who actually can fold a fitted sheet?) and I don't have anywhere to put them. So my goal this week is to organize my linen closet, and I've found some awesome tips, hacks, and inspiration to help me do it.

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The secret to organizing any storage space, like a linen closet, pantry, or clothes closet, is to start by purging out what you don't need, then finding ways to store what you keep so that it is accessible and sustainable. I did this last year in my bedroom closet and my system is still working (grab my free printable checklist to get started on yours too).

If you're ready to get your linen closet organized so that you can actually find and use what you have, I've found lots of great ideas to get you started. Check them out below!

12 Genius Linen Closet Organization Ideas

  1. Linen Cabinet from julieblanner.com
  2. Quick, Inexpensive Linen Closet Organization from thelifejolie.com
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  4. Organize A Hall Linen Closet from julieblanner.com
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  7. Laundry and Linen Cabinet from iheartorganizing.com
  8. Get Linens Ready For Holiday Guests from thenerdswife.com
  9. DIY Tall Linen Cabinet from pneumaticaddict.com
  10. Maximizing a Small Space from realcoake.com
  11. Tips for a Beautifully Organized Linen Closet from simplicityinthesouth.com
  12. Tips For Organizing A Small Linen Closet from findinghomefarms.com

Linen Closet Organizing Essentials

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