I'm a mom not only to my twin sons, but also to two dogs and a cat. Having kids and pets presents some special challenges, but our pets are an important part of our family too! I love to share activities we've done with and about our pets, as well as ways to take care of them. If you have pets, this is the place to be. 

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About My Pets

All three of our pets were adopted from our local animal shelter, and my two dogs are total mutts. I've had the chance to have both of their DNA tested and now I know exactly what breeds they are! Check out Griffey's story and how we turned the DNA test into a learning activity for my boys here.

Read Grady's story here, along with the life lessons I've learned from this brave and gentle dog. Be sure to check out our special day at the dog park too.

But you know who really rules the roost around here - our cat Biggie. He's a big sweetheart (even though life with him can be stinky) and the oldest member of our crew at 11. See all my cat posts here.

Pet Care & Life with Pets

Taking care of a pet is a big responsibility. Be sure to get my free pet chore chart to help kids (or you!) remember everything that needs to be done to care for your pet every day.  And check out my 5 Things to Do Every Day to Keep Your Dog Healthy & Happy too.

Find more pet printables here

If you have pets and you travel, you either need to bring them along or arrange for their care. If they are staying at home, be sure to check out my tips for preparing for a cat sitter here (with a free printable checklist). If you are traveling, check out my pet emergency cards and travel kit here, or grab my family travel planner for even more checklists and planning pages.

Life with pets can get messy too. See how we conquered the smelly litter box here and my tips for keeping your floors clean with pets (and kids too).

Pet Projects

I love DIY and craft projects and my pets are a great source of inspiration. Check out my Cat Treat Jar that is super easy to personalize. But if your cat has a tendency to overindulge like mine, you can also make this matching cat picture frame and use it to keep track of when kitty has been fed. And if he or she does overeat, you can give him a little exercise with these cardboard roll cat toys - kids can help make them too!

Be sure to spoil the dogs with these homemade dog cookies (another fun project for the kids). I also love this DIY Dog Bandana that my friend Rebecca made for us - so cute!

Pet Activities

We love to read books and do activities inspired by our pets too. Find all our pet themed activities here, or check out some of our favorites below:

10 Activities for Preschoolers to Be Kind to Animals

Pet Grooming Salon Pretend Play

Match The Pets Learning Game

Dogs, Dogs Memory Matching Game

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