6 Organizing Hacks for Working at Home with Kids

Juggling working with kids at home? Find out how to get organized so you can get things done!

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Across the country, millions of parents have been faced with the reality of working from home with kids. Some of us are adjusting our normal work at home lives to the demands of having our children home too. Still more are trying to keep up with a brand new telecommuting schedule while also keeping the kids entertained.

I'm one of the moms who has worked at home for years, even before my twins started school full time. Early on, I learned that helping my kids to be independent was one of the most important things that I could do to keep myself sane (and actually get some work done outside of bedtime hours).

But how do you even begin to help your kids be more self-sufficient when they are at home all day? There are a few simple things that you can do right now in your home to encourage independence and I have them all here for you, along with lots of printables and tips to help you get it done.

6 Organizing Tips for Work at Home Moms

When we are thinking about how to help our kids be self-sufficient, it's important to remember what that actually means at each age. You can't expect your toddler to do the same things that your grade-schooler can do. However, encouraging independence is appropriate at any age. Creating an atmosphere that allows children to do things for themselves will increase their feelings of self-confidence and self worth. Here's what you need to do.

Put things on their level

This is something that you can start as soon as your kids are mobile. Put the things that your child can use at a level that is easily accessible for them. Store their toys and books in floor bins or on low shelves. Stock a low kitchen cabinet with plates, bowls, and cups for them to use. 

Finally, stock washable markers and age appropriate art supplies in an accessible space.

Use labels for easy organizing

Help your kids help themselves by labeling all the things. You can use picture labels for little kids who aren't reading yet. We use labels in our art room, for toy storage, in the kitchen and even in my boys' dressers.

Using labels helps kids know where things go so they can easily access and clean up too.

Grab some of these free printable labels to get you started!

Create self serve spots in the kitchen

Something happens when the kids are home all day: they want to eat all the time. We keep a snack station filled in our house all year, but with the kids home all day, you should create self serve spots for breakfast and lunch too, as age appropriate.

Breakfast: This should be a place where your kids can choose a breakfast item that they can enjoy for the day. Think about things like cereal, granola bars, yogurt, etc. As your kids become older you can encourage them to make simple dishes like eggs or pancakes.

Lunch: Use my lunch packing checklist to teach kids how to make their own lunch! You can prep a few things in advance to make it easier for them to grab and go.

Snacks: Rather than having a free for all every day, stock a bin with snacks that are OK to eat for the day. If snacks are causing an argument at home, consider making one bin for each child.

Click here to see how I make a snack station and my favorite easy snacks for kids.

Stock a cleaning caddy

One of the things that you have to deal with when you encourage kids to be independent is this: they will make a mess. That's why you need to have a kids' cleaning caddy at the ready.

You don't need to come running every time there is a spill. Give your kids the tools they need to take care of it themselves. See how we do it here.

Want to know the best non-toxic multipurpose cleaner to put in your cleaning caddy? Check out Force of Nature here and use the coupon code SOCOOL50 to take 50% off a starter kit.

Make a visual routine 

We've all seen those schedules floating around with activities planned to the hour. Planning our days at home to the minute, or even the hour, has never worked for us. But, having a routine in place and a visual reminder of the flow of our day is a great way to help kids be independent.

See my daily schedule for kids at home here (and grab the free printable).

Create a school work area 

A lot of parents are facing instant homeschool or online learning due to prolonged school closures, which means you should find a dedicated space for school work.

You may already have organized a homework station at the beginning of the school year that you can use for homeschooling. If not, you can see how to make one here. At minimum, you need a quiet space with plenty of room to work, where school books and laptops can be kept safe from pets or younger siblings. Headphones are also a great tool for online learning!

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