How to Organize a Learning Space at Home

Organize your learning space at home and give kids a place to work that they will love.

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This post was originally published in August 2019, and updated in July 2020.

When I first wrote this post, I was preparing to send my kids to first grade in their public school classroom, filled with friends and possibilities.

Now, I'm re-reading it as we prepare for our first year of homeschool, after several months of pandemic distance learning.

So many things have changed in such a short time.

But one thing has not: for us, having a dedicated space for learning has helped to keep our home and family organized.

While I originally designed this space for homework, it quickly became our school space when we began distance learning last spring. And while we don't plan to sit at the table for our whole homeschool day, it is super helpful to have a dedicated spot to keep our supplies, and for my boys to work when they need it.

So while this may have started as a "homework station," the steps I went through to create it can also help you to create an organized space for distance learning. Here's what you need to do.

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How to Organize a Homework Station/Distance Learning Space

Start by determining where you want to put your homework station. You may want to have a designated area with a table and chairs just for crafts and homework, if you have space. Try to find a quieter spot in your home with lots of natural light (ours is just off the kitchen -- this is the table we have).

If you don't have a designated kids' table, then you can set up your homework station at the kitchen or dining room table instead. Or consider a portable homework caddy (keep reading for inspiration).

Once you've determined your location, you'll need some bins to organize your supplies.

A small caddy with dividers is perfect to hold all the little things like pencils, scissors and glue sticks, and it can easily be passed around if you have more than one child sharing the space. Don't forget to include a pencil sharpener too.

Next you'll need tall organizers for notebooks, papers, and folders. Magazine holders or book boxes work great for this. I have one for each of my boys so they can keep their work and books separate.

You'll also want to add a desk lamp to your homework station so that your kids can work easily after school. I like using a battery operated LED lamp so it can be moved anywhere.

Finally, add in a clipboard frame so you can hang a calendar or important reminders about projects or due dates.

Depending on your space, an extra storage bin or two is a great addition for odds and ends to keep your tabletop clean and ready for work.

More Homework Station Inspiration

Want more inspiration for your homework station? I love this Turntable Homework Station from Craft Create Cook. These painted LEGO jars from Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls are a perfect way to organize supplies for LEGO fans.

Must Have Mom makes a super colorful DIY Homework Station with dollar store supplies that would be perfect for your homework table.

Craft carts make awesome homework stations too. My boys would love this Animal Themed DIY Homework Station from Mama in the Now! A Night Owl Blog gives us another awesome idea for a Craft Cart Homework Station, and Fun with Mama shows us how to make an Art Cart work as a homework station.

Need something portable? A DIY Homework Caddy might be the answer! Check out this DIY Homework Caddy from Childhood 101, this Portable Homework Caddy from Princess Pinky Girl, or this Personalized Homework Station Bin from Everyday Savvy. This Portable Homework Station from Somewhat Simple is a great idea too!

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