FREE Printable LEGO Labels for Easy LEGO Organization

LEGO organization and storage is easy with these free printable LEGO labels.

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How do you organize your LEGOs? As our collection has grown I've found that we needed a new way to store all those bricks (not to mention the mini figures, cars, and builds). Since I'm convinced that the secret to organizing happiness is labeling all the things, I'm working on sorting and labeling our LEGOs too. And I have a set of FREE printable LEGO labels to help you get organized too!

LEGO Organization Made Easy

How you organize your LEGOs is going to vary based on your space, your kids' ages, and the size of your collection.

A couple of years ago we turned our train table into a LEGO table and sorted our bricks by color in baskets right on the table. This was perfect at the time because my boys couldn't yet read and our LEGO stash was pretty small. But as it has grown over the past few Christmases and birthdays, it was time for a new system.

Our new LEGO storage system includes plastic drawers to hold our bricks, minifigures, and more. These drawers are perfect because they are easy to pull out, move around, and they hold a lot of LEGO! But to keep things truly organized we needed a set of LEGO labels so that my boys can easily put things back where they belong.

Free Printable LEGO Labels

No matter how you decide to sort your LEGOs, these labels will help you to stay organized by making sure everything has a place! This free printable LEGO label set includes 4 total pages to work with any LEGO storage system.

Inside the set you'll get a page of labels to organize your LEGOs by color, 2 pages to organize by type, and a blank page to make your own custom LEGO labels. You can download the entire set here or by clicking the button below.


Once you've downloaded the printable, simply print on full size label paper and cut out. Or, if you have a Cricut you can easily create your labels using the print then cut function in Design Space

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