Make a Kids Cleaning Caddy for Quick & Easy Clean Ups

Encourage independence without worrying about the mess with a handy kids cleaning caddy stocked with Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels.

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You know the old saying, you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs? I feel like it needs to be updated just for moms. Something more like... you can't raise kids without making a few messes.

Who am I kidding? A lot of messes.

But here's the thing. Yes, kids can be messy. But they can also be really great at cleaning up when we give them the right encouragement and the tools to get it done on their own.

With summer break coming up, it's the perfect time to help your kids tackle quick and easy clean ups with their very own kids cleaning caddy. It's a great way to encourage independence without making you crazy. And I have just the tools you need to make your own.

Make a kids cleaning caddy for quick and easy clean ups! This is a must have for summer break to help your kids take care of their own messes and keep you sane. #ad #PutASquareThere

"Let Me Do It!"

Anyone who has parented a toddler can tell you that kids start wanting to "do it myself!" from an early age. As parents, it's our job to let them try new things so that they can learn. But we sometimes fall into the trap of helping them too much because we are worried they will get hurt or make a mess.

Clearly, we need to set age appropriate boundaries for their safety, but when it comes to preventing a mess, the best course of action is to let them try. And teach them how to clean up after themselves.

Here's what I mean. Your child wants a cup of milk. Do you offer to get them one or do you make the cups and milk accessible so they can learn to pour it for themselves? Do you linger just over their shoulder ready to swoop in and catch the inevitable spill? Or give them the tools to clean up after themselves?

It's not always easy, but I've decided to encourage my boys' independence and let them get it themselves. Yes, they might spill, but they know what to do when that happens.  

Because in the long run, their confidence and capability is far more important than a little spilled milk.

Quick Clean Ups Made Easy

Getting their own snacks and drinks is just one simple example of the ways that we encourage our kids to be independent, even when it gets messy. But these messes are no big deal in our house because we also encourage them to clean up after themselves. And we've made it easy with a simple kids cleaning caddy.

This kids cleaning caddy is really easy to make. The idea is not to have everything you need to clean the house, but to have an easy to grab and go clean up kit for life's little messes.

Your kids cleaning caddy only needs to have two things inside: a non-toxic, all purpose cleaner and a roll of Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels.

Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels are firmly on my “why didn’t someone think of this sooner?” list of favorite things to have at home. Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels give you 3 sheet sizes: full, half, and quarter,  so you can use exactly what you need, without the extra waste.

This is GENIUS for kids. The smaller squares are perfect for quick clean ups, and since they are made by Brawny®, you know you are getting the strength you need for even the toughest jobs.

Keeping a roll of Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels along with a bottle of all purpose cleaner in an easy to carry caddy means that whenever accidents happen, my boys can grab their caddy and take care of it quickly and easily. It helps them to feel confident that spills will be no big deal, and allows them to feel in control when they are learning new things.

Taking care of our pets is one of the household chores that my boys take care of on a regular basis. Filling the water bowl isn't always easy, and there are definitely times when water spills onto the floor.

But, with Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels, my boys can easily grab their caddy, tear a square, and clean up the spill. They know exactly what to use and where to find it, and they also know that I trust them to take care of their chores without hovering. It's a total win for our entire family!

Check out Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels here and make your own kids cleaning caddy before summer break!

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