How to Organize a Dresser for Kids with Free Printable Labels

A genius idea for how to organize a dresser for kids - includes free printable labels!

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One of the many things you don't truly understand until you have kids is how such little people can make so much laundry. Granted, with twins, I added two people to our laundry rotation at once. But I don't think it doubled... I am pretty sure that our laundry tripled. At least. I've been looking forward to the day when my boys could help with their own clothes and now they can thanks to a genius solution for organizing their dresser drawers.

Are you ready to help your kids be more independent so they can pick out their own clothes and even put away their own laundry? Let me show you how to organize a dresser that will let them do just that while keeping all of their clothes neat and contained.

Organize your dresser with this genius solution and teach kids how to put their clothes away too! This is the perfect tool for keeping kids clothes organized and for teaching them to help with laundry - maximize your space and minimize your stress. Includes free printable kids clothes labels too!

Encouraging Independence (and All That Laundry)

Now that my boys are preschoolers, they are becoming more independent every day, and I've been encouraging this in lots of ways. One is letting them choose their own clothes. Another is asking them to do more simple chores around the house, including putting away their own laundry. Put the two together and their dresser has become a disaster zone.

Having their clothes in a jumble is causing frustration for all of us. They can't find what they want to wear, and don't know where anything goes when it's time to put laundry away. We needed a way to keep their clothes neat and organized while also helping them to know where to find everything. I found our perfect solution with

Custom Drawer Organizers for Your Perfect Fit

My boys share the dresser I had as a kid, and we need every inch of space in it. Every time I've tried to figure out how to organize their dresser I ended up with wasted space and sections that just weren't right. Then I discovered's custom drawer organizers and I knew that I had found the perfect solution.

These organizers are amazing. Seriously, the best. Because you can customize them to any size and configuration you need. And it is so easy to do from the comfort of your own home!

Start by measuring your drawer, then enter the dimensions into their online design tool. Then you can either choose a ready made template or design your own. The possibilities are endless! Whether you need lots of small compartments for baby clothes or a few larger sections for bigger kids, you can create the system that will work perfectly for you - and with no wasted space because it is custom fit to your drawer.

I played around a lot with the design tool (it can be a little addicting) and created our perfect organizer - one that would hold all of my boys' daily essentials so that they could choose their outfits easily. It arrived in just a couple of days and I was ready to organize.

The organizer is crystal clear acrylic so they can still easily see all of their clothes (and PS - it is totally washable in case of any mishaps). All I had to do was lay it inside our drawer and instantly I had a place to organize all of their clothes. 

Free Printable Labels for Kids Clothes

Now that we had our organizer in place, I still needed a way to help my boys know which items of clothing goes in each space. So I created a super cute set of printable labels that are perfect for kids of all ages!

This set contains 24 square labels to designate the various sections of your drawers. Simply click the  button below to download yours.


You can slide the labels behind the walls of your acrylic organizer or adhere them to the sides - whichever helps make them the most visible for your kids. Let them help you find the perfect spot!

Once the labels are in place, you are ready to put your clothes back inside the drawers. My boys loved sorting their clothes into the proper spaces!

Thanks to the labels and the clear sections of our newly organized drawers, they were able to easily put everything where it belonged. Their clothes can now stay neat and organized and they can find what they need when it is time to get dressed.

And, on laundry day, they can see where everything goes so that they can put their clothes away too.

Our new custom organizers from have made such a difference in our daily routine. I love that my boys' clothes are staying neat and organized while we're also maximizing their dresser space (it actually feels like we have more room than ever before). And the boys love that they can be more independent each day. While I still have mountains of laundry to do, it is now a bit easier thanks to my helpers and our organized dresser. Now I just need to teach them how to fold!

Are you looking for solutions to organize your drawers to make life easier? Check out the online design tool at and create your custom organizer today!
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