10 Genius Toy Storage Solutions Every Mom Needs

Toy storage solutions to help you get organized and clear the toy clutter for good! 

Get organized and clear the kid clutter with these 10 genius toy storage hacks! I love the playmat bag - amazing!

For every mom who has ever stepped on a Lego, the struggle is real. Finding the right toy storage solutions can seem impossible, with all the millions of tiny pieces that come with our kids' favorite games and playsets. Or the stuffed animals that seem to multiply overnight and threaten to take over kids' beds. Or that one puzzle piece that always goes missing from the box.

When I was organizing our playroom, I wanted to create a space that my kids love and that I can keep neat and clean.  I found that the key to doing this is making sure that everything has a home. So what's the best home for your kids' favorite toys?  I've found some awesome solutions to my toy storage dilemmas as I've been working on organizing my life with kids, and I hope that they can help you too. I can't guarantee you'll never step on a Lego, but I can help you get organized and keep the toy clutter under control.

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10 Toy Storage Solutions Every Mom Should Know

1.  Sort Small Toys & Store by Type

Small toy cars. Little People. Our super hero collection. My kids love to play with little toys like these and they can get out of control fast. I used to keep them all in one big bin, but when the boys can't find what they are looking for the big bin gets dumped and there are little toys everywhere. The good news is that I have found the BEST solution for these and it is so clever!

I absolutely love these Kids Clutter Tamers Toy Tamer Bags for all my kids' small collections. Kristi, the founder of Kids Clutter Tamers, is a boy mom like me and she knows about toy clutter. She created these ingenious bags and was kind enough to send me a set to test out when she heard I was working on organizing my kids toys. These bags are life savers! There are three sizes - small, medium, and large - and they come in different colors to match your decor. You could also color code them for each child or based on what toys are inside.

What makes these toy tamer bags so great is that they are sturdy and easy for kids to open and close, but they are see through so kids can see what's inside. There's also a convenient window for a label. No more dumping the bin over to find their toys! They keep everything contained while also being visible and accessible. Genius!

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2.  Go Vertical

This is one of my favorite tips for storing toys - utilize your wall space as much as possible. This 4 pocket hanging organizer is great for small toys, or you can even use a hanging shoe organizer for dolls, cars, or any other small toys that you want to sort.

3.  Turn Stuffed Animals into a Seat Filler

I think every kid loves stuffed animals and it seems like they multiply overnight. I remember them taking over my room when I was young and I could easily see it happen in my boys' room too. But they don't because of this genius solution - the stuffed animal storage bag. Instead of just taking up space, we store tons of stuffed animals in this soft bag, turning their stuffed animals into a convenient seat in their bedroom.

4.  Replace Broken Puzzle & Board Game Boxes

It seems like our board game and puzzle boxes are always getting torn or smushed, so I replace them with bags instead. The medium and large toy tamer bags are perfect for bulky games, and these cotton drawstring bags are perfect for puzzles. Another tip: snap a picture of the finished puzzle and drop it in the bag for reference!

I haven't done this myself, but I love the idea for turning game boards into wall hangings and storing all the pieces behind the frame. Check it out here.

5.  Take Advantage of Under Bed Storage

We try to limit the toys in the bedroom, but we do allow a few small toys and puzzles for quiet time. But with twins sharing a room, space is at a premium. For the bedroom, I love to utilize under bed storage as much as possible. For my twins' big kid room, we chose platform beds with drawers to maximize storage space. Before that, we used these adorable monster under bed storage boxes. They are super cute and slim enough to fit under a crib or toddler bed.

6.  Contain Toys in the Car

Kids love to have little toys with them in the car, so give them a place for all their goodies with a backseat car organizer. I love having all these pockets for the toys that seem to collect in the car and it's safer than having them loose.

I also love using our small toy tamer bags for travel - when we head on a long car trip I let each of my boys pack their own bag of toys. Once it's full, that's all we are bringing. And they fit perfectly between the seats or can be secured with the detachable handle.

7.  Use a Metal Lunch Box to Store Magnets

We love to play with magnets, especially the Melissa & Doug animal and alphabet sets. But they come in the worst box that is impossible to use for storage. I keep ours in a metal lunchbox instead - you can find tons of adorable designs and they are perfect for travel too!

8.  Give Dress Up Clothes Their Own Space

Contain dress up clothes easily in their own wardrobe for easy access and to help kids learn how to put them back correctly. You can find tons of ready made dress up clothes organizers to match any decor or try a DIY project. I love this DIY Super Hero Dress Up Center Teach Me Mommy made from a bookcase!

9.  Make Clean Up a Breeze with a Playmat Bag

I first discovered playmat bags when my boys did a Lego playdate at our community center and they are genius. These bags are perfect for Lego/Duplo blocks or any other small toys that go everywhere. Kids can play on the mat and when they are done, just cinch it closed and it turns into a storage bag. So simple and perfect for home or travel! Check it out here.

10.  Use Labels

I love to label everything (you can see this in our craft area) and it is a great solution for toy storage as well. Use chalkboard labels for a decorative look, or if your kids are not reading yet you can take a photo of what goes inside each bin or box and print on sticker paper to use as a label.

You can also grab some really cute free printable toy bin labels from Teaching Mama here.

More Toy Storage Solutions

Want even more great toy organizing ideas? Check out these awesome storage solutions! Just click on the photo for more details.

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