Turn Your Train Table Into a Lego Table with Color Coded Storage

Transform a train table into a Lego table with this easy DIY - and organize your bricks too!

Create an awesome LEGO table from a neglected train table with this easy DIY project. Includes a way to organize your LEGOS by color too - genius!

I can't remember the last time our train table actually had trains on it. It was our big Christmas gift for the boys two years ago, and to be honest with you, we were never able to recreate that awesome track design on the package. Soon my boys found it was much more fun to create their own long and winding tracks on the floor, so the train table quickly became a forgotten catch all for various other toys in our playroom. But with a few supplies and less than an hour's work, our train table has now become the a super cool LEGO table! And I love that it's keeping us organized too.

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We excavated the train table from beneath a pile of junk during our big before Christmas toy purge a couple of weeks ago. Two years in direct sunlight had not been kind to the top, which was badly faded. Since we had purged the boys' toddler sized building blocks and LEGO is at the top of their Christmas list, I knew that we could create a really awesome LEGO table from our forgotten train table with just a few quick steps. It was SO easy and turned out amazing. Here's the how to.

Train Table To LEGO Table

We started with this Imaginarium Train Table. This project will work with any similar table, but you may need to adjust your measurements. The only other things you need are:

First, cover the existing table top with chalkboard contact paper. It's so much easier than paint and I love that we can write on the parts that are showing.

Next, layout your design with the peel & stick baseplates. Your layout may vary based on the size of your table - I left space on one end for organizing.

The baseplates come with really detailed directions so I won't repeat them all, but it's so easy my 4 year olds were helping. You just want to make sure that you line up the plates with your LEGO bricks before you start sticking.

Once you have everything in place, simply peel the backing from the baseplates and stick them to your table, following your design.

I could not believe how easily and quickly our train table was transformed into a LEGO table. Seriously, the entire project took less than an hour start to finish, and that was with two 4-year-olds helping (and interrupting).

Now you're ready to organize.

Adding Color Coded Storage

If you've left space on the end of your table, you can create a color coded storage center by using multicolored containers. I have these plastic baskets because our LEGO collection is still small - you could use these Tall Canisters as well and label them with your assorted colors.

I could fit 6 baskets perfectly in our space, and with the baskets in all the primary and secondary colors my boys could easily sort and organize their bricks by color.  I love how fun and colorful it looks and it is such great storage too!

Finally we moved our new table into its home in the playroom and my boys are so excited to play. I love how organized it is and hopefully having everything color coded and neatly stored will keep our playroom clean too.

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Awesome LEGO Sets For Your New Table

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Create an awesome LEGO table from a neglected train table with this easy DIY project. Includes a way to organize your LEGOS by color too - genius!

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