Free Printable Reading Planner For Book Lovers (Fits the Happy Planner)

This free printable reading planner is perfect for book clubs, summer reading, and more. Fits any size planner including The Happy Planner!

It's no secret that reading is one of my favorite things to do and has been since I first picked up Go Dog Go as a kindergartner. My to-read list is always a mile long, and I'll admit that I've even picked up a book that sounds awesome, gotten a few chapters in, and realized that I've already read it. Then there are the few books that I intentionally read every year or so... if you're a book lover you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Since I also love keeping things organized, I figured it was time to give my reading lists and favorite books their own special section in my Happy Planner. I have it here as a free printable reading planner for you too - and it can be used in any sized planner too!
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Free Printable Reading Planner Pages

These planner pages are made for anyone who loves to read. They are perfect for book clubs or just to keep your reading list and book notes in one spot. These pages can also be used to keep track of summer reading for older kids or teens. Let's take a peek at what's inside.

 This reading planner set includes 5 total pages to keep all your reading goals and book thoughts in one place. You can print as many of each page as you need, and place them in the order that works best for you. You'll get:
  • Books to Read
  • Reading Log
  • Book Review
  • Quotes to Remember
  • Book Journal

And the best part? These pages are designed to work in any sized planner. I personally use a classic Happy Planner and they fit perfectly.

By default, they will print on regular letter (8.5"x11") paper. This works great if you want to create a specialized binder for reading. Simply download by clicking the button below, print, and use a standard hole punch to put them in a 3 ring binder.

I really love this binder for a book journal.


You can also print the pages, arrange them how you'd like, and have the entire planner spiral bound at an office or copy store.

Or here's what I do.  It's easy to resize the pages to fit in the planner you currently use, by simply changing the paper size on your printer and choosing to "fit to page" when you print. If you use the Happy Planner, you'll need to make sure you have the right hole punch so that your pages fit easily.


Now you're ready to tackle that reading list, make as many notes as you'd like, and even remember your favorite quotes.

Join our Online Book Club

If you love to read and are looking for an awesome book club I have the perfect one for you. It's called Mom's Book Nook and it's really easy to participate because we meet entirely online: no need to get a babysitter and you can even wear your pjs.

Plus, we have ongoing discussions so you can jump in whenever you're ready to chat about the books!

You can find us on Facebook here. And find all our 2018 book club books below (click on each cover for details).

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Free printable reading planner pages every book lover needs! These printable planner pages fit any sized planner even the Happy Planner. Includes 5 total pages with a reading log, book journal, reading list, quotes to remember, and book review. Perfect for book clubs or summer reading! #planners #happyplanner  #printables #reading #books

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