Free Printable Book Planner Stickers Perfect for Book Clubs

These free printable book planner stickers are perfect for book clubs or anyone who loves to read.

Being part of a book club is one of my mom's sanity savers. I've always loved to get lost in a book but when I first had my twins I felt like I never had the time to read anymore. I missed discovering new books and having great discussions with friends about them.

But now that I am part of an amazing online book club I am back to making reading a priority, and it has done wonders for my well being.

Want proof? Check out these surprising benefits of reading before bed (my favorite time to pick up a book).

I want to make sure I never miss a book club or forget when I've heard of a new title for my to read list, so I created a cute set of planner stickers that are all about books. And I have them here as a free printable for you, plus an invitation to join my online book club (you'll love it!).

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Adorable FREE printable planner stickers for book lovers! These printable planner stickers work with Happy Planner and Erin Condren and are perfect for book clubs and readers. Track your to read list, library trips and more with these printables. Print and cut with scissors or use your Cricut for perfect planner stickers! #plannerstickers #printablestickers #planner #bookclub

Free Printable Book Planner Stickers

I'm a paper planner person, and I love using planner stickers to customize my to do lists and schedules, and even give me a little inspiration

These book themed printable planner stickers are perfect for book club members, or anyone who loves to read. They are designed to fit most popular planner pages, and of course are a perfect fit for my 2018 printable planner

You'll find stickers to mark your next book club meeting date, "to read" lists, library trip and book due date reminders, and my favorite, a "do not disturb" sign for carving out your me time. You'll also find cute flags, icons, and bullet lists for all your book planning needs.

You can download the book planner stickers for free by clicking the button below.


Printing Your Planner Stickers

The book planner stickers come as a PDF file, which can be resized if needed. It will print on a sheet of letter sized sticker paper. If you use a small planner, you may want to reduce the scale using the controls on your printer. Once you've printed the page you can simply cut out the stickers and start using them!

These stickers also work great with Cricut machines (this is what I use and I love it).  See the video below for directions!

To print with your Cricut, first convert the PDF file to a PNG (you can do that here).

Then upload the PNG file and proceed as usual for a print and cut project. You will need to resize the image slightly for it to fit on the mat (I did mine at 6.75 W x 8.735 H).

Don't have a Cricut? Check them out here!

Mom's Book Nook Picks for 2018

If you love to read and are looking for an awesome book club I have the perfect one for you. It's called Mom's Book Nook and it's really easy to participate because we meet entirely online: no need to get a babysitter and you can even wear your pjs.

Plus, we have ongoing discussions so you can jump in whenever you're ready to chat about the books!

You can find us on Facebook here. And it's the perfect time to get started because we've just announced our book picks for 2018! Check them out below (click on each cover for details).

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