One Simple Thing Strong Moms Need to Know

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Last month we had a surprise early spring snowstorm. When my phone rang first thing in the morning, I knew immediately who it was and what she was going to say.

"Are you going out today? Watch out for patches of ice."

Of course it was my mom, with her wintertime reminder about "patches of ice." It was one of those things she never failed to warn me or my siblings about, whenever the weather was bad. It had become one of her signature pieces of advice, to the point that we joked with her about those crazy "patches of ice" coming to get you.

But this time, when I heard those familiar words, something about them rang especially true. And I realized that these words of wisdom went far beyond a worry about winter weather, but went to the heart of what made my mom so strong.

One Simple Thing Strong Moms Need to Know

With Mother's Day coming soon, I've been thinking a lot about my mom as I try to find the perfect gift for the woman who's given me everything. My mom has always been a strong woman, from her early career as a Navy nurse during the Vietnam War, then as a mother navigating the workforce at a time when most of her friends and neighbors stayed home, and now as a widow who is still independent and vibrant after my father passed away just before their 50th wedding anniversary.

I don't know what I would do without her and her wisdom guides me every day as a mom to 5 -year-old twin boys. And when she called me with her usual "patches of ice" warning, it hit me.  That bit of advice that we teased her about was actually a huge part of her strength.

When you're a mom, life is never a smooth ride. There is always something that is going to come up when you least expect it, sending you into a tailspin, bracing for a crash. But what do strong moms do?  They take it in stride, reset their course, and keep on going.

Just like those spots of black ice on winter roads, moms hit patches of uncertainty every day. And strong moms like mine are ready for anything. Our strength comes not from being rigid or tough, but by being flexible. We get through whatever life throws our way with a deep breath, a laugh, and a can do attitude (and LOTS of coffee).

Life with twin boys is never boring. But I'm determined to do as my mom did with me and my siblings: she always gave us room to explore, to create, and no matter what messes we made, she always reminded us, "everything's washable."

So when my boys decided to "help" me with the dishes, and made more of a mess than when we started, I knew it was more important to go with it and praise their efforts. That's what my mom would do!

And when life throws you a curveball, like the UPS man driving down your street at the exact moment that your kids have just fallen asleep, you do what you have to do to keep the dog from barking. Even if it means letting him help load the dishwasher.

Because strong moms know that the goal isn't being perfect, but being present. We're not going to let the little things get us down, and we know that no matter what messes life throws our way, we can handle it.

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So how am I celebrating Mother's Day this year? I can't tell you what I'm getting for my awesome strong mom (I don't want to spoil the surprise) but I can tell you what I'm giving myself.

I'm going to take my mom's advice and remember to watch for those patches of parenting ice, and stay open to whatever comes my way. And I'm going to let someone else take out the trash.

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