Why This Mom Switched to the Happy Planner (and You Should Too)

Find out why the Happy Planner is the perfect way to organize your mom life.

When it comes to planners, I'm like the prince in Cinderella. Always looking for the perfect fit.

No matter where I looked, I could never find the mom life planner that was right for me. Whether it was the size, layout, sections, or even the cover, everything I found just wasn't "the one."

My solution was making my own planner pages. But turning them into the perfect organizer was still a challenge. I love the flexibility of a ring binder so I can move pages around and add sections. But I'm left handed, so a spiral bound planner is easier for me to write in. I was at a loss until I discovered The Happy Planner - and like Cinderella's slipper, it fits just right.

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Why this Mom Loves the Happy Planner

There are two main reasons why I've fallen for the Happy Planner: the total flexibility it gives you to create the pages and sections you need, and how easy it makes it for you to be creative even if you have no artistic ability. Seriously, with this planner, you can have gorgeous pages that will make you actually want to do the things on your to do list! Here's how it works.

Totally Flexible and Customizable

One of the reasons I could never find my perfect planner is because most planners are pretty inflexible. You're stuck with the sections and pages inside, and you can't easily rearrange or add to them. This is why the Happy Planner is so awesome. You can totally customize it any way you want.

When I decided to make the switch, I headed to Michael's first. I picked out a cover I loved and matching medium sized discs to hold it together. You can choose from three sizes: mini, classic, and big. I chose the classic, with 7" x 9.25" pages (the cover is 7.75" x 9.75"). You can easily adjust the thickness of your planner by choosing small, medium, or large discs. 

These are the pages I started with:

I also picked up a few accessories (of course):
And my favorite accessory of all: the hole punch. This is the secret weapon that turns this planner into perfection. With it, you can add ANY type of page to your planner. Including your favorite printables!

I make a lot of printable planner pages, and I use them myself! With the hole punch, you can include any of these pages in your Happy Planner. And it is super easy to add and remove them as needed.

Here's a super easy tutorial on how to resize printables to fit in your Happy Planner.

Want a month at a glance layout? This one is from my 2018 planner.

For example, you can add in any of my holiday planners as a section in your Happy Planner, and rotate them out as the holiday passes. Or when you take on a new project, pop in my project planner as a section, then remove it when you're done. It makes it so simple to keep everything in one place.

Check out all my organizing printables here to start creating your custom planner!

Now Get Creative

The other reason I love the Happy Planner is because it makes it super easy to be creative and create calendars, lists, and schedules that you will love to use.

I have terrible handwriting, but with Happy Planner's labels I can easily create a gorgeous month layout without worrying about my scrawl. You can also use planner stickers to set up your weekly schedule or your to do list with flair.

And you're not limited to official Happy Planner stickers - I have lots of free printable planner stickers that work with this planner. You can find them all here. You can also find some of my favorites on my Amazon page here.

What are you looking for in the perfect planner? Leave a comment or message me on Facebook and let me know! 

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