The Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning Laundry with Free Printable Checklist

A complete spring cleaning laundry guide to get your whole house clean for the season. Includes a free printable checklist for your planner!

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Everyone knows that spring is the perfect time to get your house clean. But if you're only dusting, vacuuming and scrubbing the bathrooms you are missing out on a big part of keeping your house clean. Linens and soft surfaces need attention too to make your house clean and fresh for spring.

With three pets and spring allergies, I make sure to add these laundry must-dos to my spring cleaning checklist. It's so easy to toss these items in the wash and go out and play while the washing machine does its work!

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Want to have a cleaner house just by using your washing machine? Here's my ultimate spring cleaning laundry checklist, with a free printable to add to your planner too.

Spring Cleaning Laundry Checklist

Bedroom Linens 

I like to change out our heavy winter duvet for a lighter quilt in spring, but before I pack it away I make sure to run it through the wash. Even if you use the same linens year round, washing your duvet covers and pillow shams gives your bedroom a spring refresh. Washing curtains and throw pillow covers helps to get rid of dust and allergens too - just check the labels before washing.

Living Room

With kids and pets, I like to make sure I have as many washable items in our family room as I can. I want my kids to be able to play without worrying too much about stains and dirt (thank goodness for washable markers!). It is so much easier to toss a slipcover in the washing machine than it is to try to remove a stain from upholstery. Use washable pillow covers as well for your throw pillows and you can add them to your laundry list too.

Pet Areas

My dogs shed their winter coats in early spring so our pet bedding needs a good washing this time of year.  Stuffed pet toys, collars, leashes, and washable food mats are also great candidates for the laundry.

Kitchen/Dining Room

You wash your kitchen towels regularly, but what about things like potholders and kitchen rugs? These usually hold up really well to a good wash on a gentle cycle, along with things like soft dish drying mats, placemats, and table cloths.

In the Bathroom

Washable rugs, fabric shower curtains, and bath mats can all go into the washing machine for a spring fresh bathroom.

Winter Clothes & Gear

Be sure to wash all those winter jackets, hats, and mittens before you pack them away for the season. Storing these items after they are clean will make your life so much easier at the beginning of the next season, as everything will be fresh and ready to wear when you need it. Don't forget any winter clothes (heavy PJs, sweaters) that you'll be storing too.

Download your own printable spring cleaning laundry checklist by clicking on the button below.


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