Free Printable Stain Removal Cheat Sheet for the Laundry Room

This adorable printable stain removal cheat sheet is a must have for the laundry room.

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Laundry is one of those things that I seem to do every day. And with two boys and two dogs I end up trying to remove some sort of stain from our laundry practically every day too.

That's why I need a well stocked laundry room, and one of my secret weapons is my stain removal cheat sheet. It's hard to keep up with the best ways to remove each kind of stain, so having this hanging in the laundry room is a huge help.

I know I'm not the only one dealing with laundry stains so I have my cheat sheet here as a free printable for your laundry room too, along with the rest of my laundry essentials.

Laundry Room Must Haves

No matter what kind of stains you're dealing with, there are a few basics that make the job easier. In addition to the stain removal cheat sheet, you want to be sure your laundry room is stocked with essentials that get the job done.

I get all my laundry room supplies from Grove Collaborative, and you can too with a FREE laundry starter set!

Staying on top of laundry is not easy. Having a good laundry system is one way to help get it done, along with the right products. 

I use Grove laundry products because they are gentle on our sensitive skin and tough on stains and odors. Using the refillable glass laundry soap dispenser means that I'm only using as much detergent as I need, but I'm also being kind to the environment by using less plastic. And it's all delivered to my house when I need it, with free shipping thanks to my Grove VIP membership.

Want to check out Grove and get your laundry starter set? Click here to browse all their sustainable household products, and your laundry set will be automatically added to your first $20 order.

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My other favorite laundry room essential is having hanging laundry bags so I can sort my laundry as I go while saving space at the same time. I made these bag with my Cricut and I love how they turned out. Click here for the DIY instructions to make your own.

Free Printable Laundry Room Cheat Sheet

Once your laundry room is fully stocked you'll want to add my free printable stain removal cheat sheet so you can see how to tackle all kinds of stains.

This adorable printable is ready to hang in your laundry room for quick reference. Put it in a frame on the wall, or laminate it and stick it to the front of the washer with magnets. Then you'll always have the stain removal hacks you need right at your fingertips!

To get yours, simply click on the button below.


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