Free Printable "I Voted" Stickers for the Whole Family

Free printable I voted stickers for early and mail in voters and future voters too!

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Have you cast your ballot yet? This election is different for a lot of reasons, not least of which is the fact that many of us are voting early or voting by mail. I'll be dropping off my ballot this week, and bringing the kids along as we learn about our role in our nation's presidential election.

I'm always proud to show off my "I Voted" sticker after I leave the polling place, but this year I won't be getting one when I put my ballot in the drop box.  So I made my own, along with some special stickers for my kids.  

If you're missing getting your I Voted sticker this year, I have a free printable set with stickers for the kids too!

Free Printable I Voted Stickers

These free printable I Voted stickers aren't just for those of us who are casting a ballot. I've created some fun stickers for our future voters too. 

The set contains 6 stickers total:
  • I Voted by Mail
  • I Voted Early
  • My Mom Voted
  • My Dad Voted
  • My Grownup Voted
  • Future Voter 20__ (fill in the year for your kiddos!)

You can grab your own FREE set of I Voted stickers by entering your email below. You'll get a single PDF file delivered right to your inbox. 

Once you've downloaded your printable, simply print out onto full size label paper to turn them into stickers. You can cut them out by hand, or use your Cricut.

Then you can display your voting pride wherever you go!

Favorite Election Resources for Kids

As homeschoolers we've been spending time this month learning about the election process. Here are some of my favorite resources for helping to teach your kids about elections too!

Election Vocabulary Bingo (Growing Book by Book)

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