Free Printable Citizenship Activities for Kids & Families

Free printable citizenship activities for kids and families to do together as part of the Family Dinner Book Club.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." -- Margaret Mead

When you think of the word citizenship what comes to mind? While some people may first think of their country of birth or of naturalization, I prefer to think of our responsibility as individuals to make our world a better place. Whether that's in a small way by being a good friend, or in a larger sense by committing to care for our planet, we can all strive to be good citizens. And as parents, we are especially tasked with teaching our children about citizenship and responsibility.

This month, our Family Dinner Book Club tackles this very challenge, with a wonderful story, a delicious (and sustainable) meal, and ideas to help you begin the conversation on good citizenship right where it should start: around the family dinner table.

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 Family Dinner Book Club: Citizenship

Family Dinner Book Club is a way for families to connect around a children's book, a great meal, and engaging activities and conversation. Along with my co-hosts, Jodie from Growing Book by Book and Sarah from Chef Sarah Elizabeth, we have everything you need to plan your total book club experience.

This month, we are exploring the theme of citizenship and responsibility with a lovely book by Nicola Davies. Many: The Diversity of Life on Earth is a beautifully illustrated picture book that shows us how many amazing things share life with us in this world... and how many have been lost to extinction.

The book is a cautionary tale about the responsibility we all have as global citizens to care for our planet and its living things, and to protect its future.

Many is a wonderful book to read with your family to begin the conversation on citizenship. And when you are done, you can download our free printable citizenship activity guide to get started working on citizenship all around you.

Free Printable Citizenship Activities

This activity guide has two parts: first is a coloring page based on the five themes of citizenship: honesty, respect, compassion, courage, and responsibility. You can encourage your kids to color in the words as you discuss what they mean and the ways that you can embody them in your daily life.

The coloring page also includes a "citizenship tree" that you can color in as you complete acts of citizenship. 

The second page gives you a list of family activities and service project ideas, along with a space to make your personal family plan. You can download the set for free by clicking the button below.


Complete Your Family Dinner Book Club Experience

Don't forget to head to Growing Book by Book for a Citizenship themed book list and conversation starters, then to Chef Sarah Elizabeth for a themed dinner menu and tablescape. 

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Free printable citizenship activity for kids! Explore the 5 themes of citizenship with this fun printable activity as part of the Family Dinner Book Club. Includes a "citizenship tree" coloring page activity along with service projects and family activities to encourage good citizenship. #freeprintable #kidsactivity #kidsbooks #citizenship

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