Encourage Healthy Habits for Kids with a FREE Printable Journal

Keep track of kids' healthy habits like eating, exercise, and more with this free printable journal.

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Helping our kids to establish healthy habits is one of the most important things we can do as parents. Whether it's by modeling our own healthy choices, setting healthy guidelines in our homes, or including health and physical education in our homeschool setting, healthy habits that start early can last a lifetime.

This year, our family is embarking on a brand new homeschool journey, and one of the required subjects in our state is Health/Physical Education. Healthy habits are something we work on every day, but I wasn't sure how I would document that for a homeschool review. So I decided to create a Healthy Habits Journal for my rising second graders and I have it here as a free printable for your family too!

Establishing Healthy Habits Early

When we think about healthy habits that we want our kids to establish, what comes to mind? 

The most common is healthy eating. Helping our kids to learn to make healthy food choices is something that we can do every single day. 

Encouraging children to eat healthy foods starts with us, and with the choices that we provide in our homes. Making sure that our family has healthy snacks and meals available means that making healthy choices is much easier! 

See how I encourage healthy snacking with a DIY snack station, and my favorite healthy snacks to put inside.

I also have a list of free healthy eating printables that are super fun to help teach kids to make smart food choices.

It's also important to encourage kids to get off the screens and outside to exercise! We love spending time in our backyard being active whenever the weather cooperates.

Riding bikes, hiking, and playing sports are also great ways to encourage kids to develop healthy exercise habits. 

When the weather is not conducive to outdoor activities, you can try indoor fitness ideas like Cosmic Kids Yoga or one of these fun, low prep indoor active games.

It's also important to think about healthy living concepts and how they apply to our daily life. Depending on your child's age, this can range from learning proper dental care to grooming and hygiene. 

We're using this kids health curriculum for our homeschool, but there are lots of other choices as well.  You can find tons of free health lessons online here, or choose one of these popular books.

Finally, you also need to focus on helping your kids to establish healthy habits when it comes to expressing their feelings and emotions. We started this super early with this fun activity based on the movie Inside Out. As my boys have gotten older, we've been keeping a positivity journal to help us reflect on our gratitude and character each day.

But now that we know how to establish these healthy habits, we need a way to reinforce them. That's where the healthy habits journal comes in. This weekly tracker helps encourage your kids to document their healthy life, and works great as a homeschool health tracker too!

Healthy Habits for Kids Printable Journal

This fun journal page is designed to help kids track their healthy habits over the course of each week.

First, you'll find daily trackers for healthy food choices and exercise. You can have kids color in each day that they accomplished each task.

You'll also find a space for your child to draw and write about one thing that they learned about healthy living. This is a great spot to reinforce weekly health lessons.

You'll also find a mood tracker, where you can encourage your child to draw how they felt each day (super fun to do with emojis!). Use this section to open up a dialogue on managing and expressing emotions in a healthy way.

You can print as many copies of the tracker as you need - 36 weeks for a full school year or 52 for a calendar year.

PS - I use this system to spiral bind these pages without a machine!

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