Printable Daily Positivity Journal for Kids to Encourage Gratitude & Happiness

Use a positivity journal to encourage gratitude and happiness every day.

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As moms, we want to help our kids to be happy. They might think that means giving them the newest toy, or having ice cream for dinner every night. But we know that those things bring only a short burst of happiness (and in the case of the ice cream, long term things like cavities).

Instead, we need to focus on helping our kids to learn the tools for long term happiness. How to use the power of positivity to help us focus on things that we are grateful for, our character, and how to turn mistakes into learning experiences. That's what this daily positivity journal can help you do. And want to know a secret? It works for grown ups too.

Why Start a Positivity Journal?

It's simple: focusing on positive thinking and gratitude has a long lasting effect on our overall happiness. Several scientific studies have proven this. And one of the best ways to change your mindset is to create a new habit. Daily journaling can make this easy and fun for both kids and adults.

A positivity journal does not need to be complicated, and you don't need to spend more than 5 minutes a day on it. In fact, you don't even need to write! My positivity journal is designed to be kid friendly, with space to write, draw, or doodle each day. Here's a peek inside.

Inside the Positivity Journal

Inside, you'll get 7 pages with a different design for each day of the week. Of course, you can print as many as you'd like. The prompts on each page are the same, and cover the basics of daily positivity.

You'll find prompts for:

  • Today I Feel. It is important to acknowledge and express our feelings each day, even when they are not positive. Helping our kids to verbalize their feelings is key to long term adjustment.
  • Something I Learned Today. Everyone learns something each day. It doesn't need to be something from school, it could be a fun fact about anything.
  • Character I Showed Today. Striving to show strong character each day is a must to develop a positive outlook. Again, it doesn't need to be something big, but can be as simple as telling the truth or helping a friend.
  • My Favorite Part of the Day. This is something that is part of my family's bedtime routine. No matter how terrible the day may seem, I always remind my kids that there was something good in it. So we always make sure to tell each other our favorite part of the day. This can be really fun to look back on too!
  • How I Will Make Tomorrow Better. We all make mistakes. And learning from them instead of dwelling on them is key to our happiness. This section helps us to reflect on that and look forward to tomorrow.
  • Three Things I Am Thankful For. This is the heart of the journal. Reflecting on our gratitude every day is something that we all need to do. Here is where you write the big and small things that you are thankful for each day.

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You can print as many copies as you'd like for your own personal use. Make one for each member of the family! 

The positivity journal works great on its own. Simply print on card stock and bind with book rings. Or, you can resize the pages to fit in your planner

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Adorable printable Positivity Journal to help encourage gratitude and happiness! This gratitude journal is great for kids and adults and encourages you to record positive experiences every day. Perfect for Thanksgiving or to give as a gift. Kids and adults will love this adorable sloth journal with prompts for gratitude and character each day. #journal #journaling #journalideas #sloth #gratitudejournal

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