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Ask me what my favorite room in our house is and my answer might surprise you because it's not a room at all. It's our backyard, or as I call it, our "outdoor living room." As soon as the weather warms up, this is where you will find us - having breakfast on the deck in our PJs in the morning, running through the sprinkler in the afternoon, or star gazing in the evening before bedtime. There's just something special about spending time in the backyard, and I know that we are making memories out there that will last a lifetime. Ready to have some fun and enjoy your backyard all summer long? Keep reading for easy and fun things to do in your backyard that your entire family will love.

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Get outside and enjoy the summer with 35 easy things you can do in your backyard! Your entire family will love these classic ideas for backyard play. Get inspired to get outside and have fun this summer!

With almost 5 year old twin boys and two dogs, you can imagine that my house can get busy (and noisy!). What I love most about my backyard is that it is a place where my kids and dogs can be free - they can run and play without worry, and even use their "outside" voices to their hearts' content. They can let their imaginations run wild without needing gadgets or expensive toys to keep them entertained. In fact, I find that the best backyard activities are ones that only require a few simple supplies you probably already have. Need some inspiration? Here are our favorite things to do in the backyard during the summer.

35 Things to Do in Your Backyard This Summer

  1. Have a picnic
  2. Read a book
  3. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  4. Paint with shaving cream
  5. Toss water balloons
  6. Run through the sprinkler
  7. Splash in the kiddie pool
  8. Play in the water table
  9. Jump rope
  10. Play hopscotch
  11. Play tic tac toe
  12. Play scrabble with giant tiles
  13. Make an obstacle course
  14. Dig in the sandbox
  15. Plant a garden
  16. Make a bird feeder
  17. Paint rocks
  18. Fly a kite
  19. Make & fly paper airplanes
  20. Play fetch with your dog
  21. Teach your dog new tricks
  22. Learn to hula hoop
  23. Set up a bean bag toss
  24. Play croquet
  25. Play baseball
  26. Play kickball
  27. Set up a net and play badminton
  28. Blow bubbles
  29. Try an egg and spoon race
  30. Do a sack race with pillowcases
  31. Take a popsicle break
  32. Build a fort
  33. Set up an outdoor movie night
  34. Look for constellations in the sky
  35. Have a camp out for the night

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