An Easy Way to Encourage Your Family to Floss with Free Printables

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I'm updating my January calendar when I see it. The day we are going to get caught. There it is, in black and white: our semi-annual dentist appointments. And there's no way around it - she's going to know that we haven't been flossing like we should. I need a game plan to fix this now, and I've found the perfect way to encourage my entire family to start flossing before the big day.

An Easy Way to Encourage Your Family to Floss

Our family is always good about remembering to brush. My kids never complain about it and they do a good job. Flossing is a different story. I always have a hard time remembering to floss myself, so I struggle with reminding the kids to do it too.

This year we are going to change that with a fun family challenge, a reminder right in our bathroom, and the right tools to get the job done easily.

Once I decided that we needed to get back on track with flossing, I headed straight to Walmart to pick up some essentials.

Instead of traditional (messy and hard to use) floss, I grabbed DenTek® floss picks for myself and the kids. You can find them in both the kids and adult oral care aisles, and with Walmart's Everyday Low Prices they are an easy choice to make flossing more convenient and fun.

DenTek® Kids Fun Flossers make it super easy for me to encourage my kids to floss. With a smaller head and easy grip handle, it's made just for little mouths and hands. And it has a wild fruit flavor my kids love! 

I grabbed DenTek® Triple Clean Floss Picks for myself. They remove food and plaque from even the tightest teeth so my teeth and gums feel completely clean. They are easy to use, with a minty taste and advanced fluoride coating.

Once I had my DenTek® floss picks in the cart I was ready to head home and set up a fun flossing challenge that I knew would get us back on track just in time for the dentist.

30 Day Family Floss Challenge

Through March 31, 2018, DenTek® is hosting a 30 Day Family Floss Challenge to encourage us all to get in the flossing habit. This is perfect timing for us and I'm super excited to get started. There are so many benefits to flossing every day, from cleaner teeth to healthier gums, and by committing to floss every day for 30 days I know that we will not only have awesome check ups but we will also get in a habit that lasts.

Participating in the Family Floss Challenge is easy. Start by downloading the free Family Floss Challenge calendar from DenTek® when you Join the 30 Day DenTek® Family Floss Challenge. Then grab my free printable bathroom sign to help keep you motivated - you can download yours by clicking the button below.


Once you have your challenge calendar, your sign, and your DenTek® picks, you're ready to set up a family flossing station of your own. Find a fun frame for your sign and a cute container for your floss picks, and place them in a prominent spot in your bathroom. Ours are right on the sink next to the toothbrushes so we won't forget to use them!

Then every day when you remember to floss, you can mark your challenge calendar. This is an awesome visual reminder for you and the kids! Use fun stickers or stamps to make it extra special.

Having a spot in the bathroom dedicated to our flossing challenge has really made it easy to encourage my boys to floss (and for me to remember to do it myself).

And if you need just a bit more encouragement, DenTek® is giving you the chance to win some really cool prizes too.  Join the 30 Day DenTek® Family Floss Challenge for all the details!

No purchase necessary to participate or win. Visit for official rules and more info.

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