Free Printable Weekly Planner for Kids with Two Fun Designs

Use these weekly planners to help kids map out their daily routine and keep track of school work, chores, and more.

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Do your kids have a daily routine when school is closed? We are two weeks in to our school closure, and the routine that we've established is working pretty well. Our realistic schedule has given our days some structure without feeling over scheduled.

But starting distance learning next week may throw a monkey wrench into our plans. Having assigned school work to complete each day adds new tasks to our schedule, but it doesn't need to add stress too! By using a weekly planner we can make sure that we take care of everything that we need to do while also giving my kids a visual schedule of their routine.

Do your kids need help planning out their new routine? I have our weekly planner for kids here as a free printable for your family with two fun designs your kids will love.

Weekly Planner for Kids

I'm a planner girl at heart (see all my printable planners here), and my kids have definitely picked up the habit. We started with this mini-planner when they were smaller, and now that they have schoolwork to plan we are using this weekly routine planner.

This weekly planner helps your kids to map out their daily routine while also helping them to keep track of the things they need to do each day. It's perfect for tracking school work, assignments, chores, and other obligations. And it comes in two fun designs that kids are sure to love!

You'll get both designs for free when you download the file. Simply enter your info below to get yours delivered right to your email, and to join our newsletter community!

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