Free Printable Daily Writing Journal for Kids

A fun writing journal for kids to record their daily lives while school is closed.

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When our schools closed last week, one of my goals was to make sure that my boys were doing some writing every day. Keeping a daily journal during these crazy times is a wonderful exercise not only for kids to let out their feeling, but also to document our daily life in a time that is far from normal.

While older kids are likely able to keep a daily free-form journal, the little ones may need some guidance. That's why I love this daily writing journal template and I have it here as a free printable for your kids too!

Daily Writing Journal for Kids

This one page daily writing journal helps kids to reflect on their day in a fun, easy to follow way.

It gives them simple prompts to record their mood for the day along with the day's weather (which I find often go hand in hand!).

There is also space for kids to write what they did that day, and to draw their favorite part of the day. They also have prompts to write in 3 things that made them happy each day!

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This journal is the perfect place to keep a record of our days while also encouraging them to practice their writing. It's one of the tasks on our new homeschooling schedule and one that my boys love to do!

You can grab this free printable daily writing journal for your kids below.

Resources for Parents During the Shutdown

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