Rock Your Routine with a Printable Planner for Kids

This planner for kids helps to navigate your day in a fun and visual way!

My morning usually starts with a barrage of questions from my twin preschoolers.

"Is today a school day?"

"Can we play outside?"

"Did a leprechaun visit our house in the night?"

OK, the last one is relatively new and I blame our St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt for that one, but the other two are pretty much a given before I've even had my first cup of coffee.

Leprechaun queries aside, I know that these questions are important ones to help my boys prepare for their day. Since they were babies, I've known that having a routine is critical to help them navigate each day. And now that they are in preschool, I've created a fun new way to help them visualize each day so they can take it on with confidence. Ready to rock your routine? This tool will help you get there!

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A Fun and Easy Planner for Kids

Before I tell you how this planner rocks our world, let me tell you what it is not intended for. It is not a tool for creating rigid, timed schedules for little kids. I am a firm believer in the power of free play for kids, and in letting children have ample time to create, dream, and just be. I'm not suggesting that you schedule your child's day by the minute or even the hour. 

Instead, this planner is intended to help give your child some basic touchstones to his or her day - things like the day of the week, the weather, and places that they will go - to help them prepare for and navigate what is to come each day. You can use the pages in this planner set in a number of different ways to create the routine that is best for your child and your family, and to help your child to understand that routine as well. 

This planner for kids has three pages total - a page for Today, a page for This Week, and a Month at a glance. You can use one or all of the pages in the way that works best for you. 

On the Today page, you'll find a place for your child to circle or color in the day of the week. This is especially helpful for preschoolers who are learning the days of the week and may not go to school every day.

Underneath, you'll find a place to circle the weather for the day. This is great practice in talking about the different types of weather we experience and also helping children understand what they need to wear each day, and whether they need a coat or an umbrella.

Then, you'll find two spaces - one for "Places to Go" and one for "Things to Do." This is where you'll help your child write or draw the major events that are scheduled for that day. Is it a school day? Do you have a dentist appointment? These are all great things to note on the Places to Go section. 

For Things to Do, you can note any chores that your child is expected to do or even our favorite activity - Play!

This page is a great way to start the day. We keep ours on the refrigerator and fill it out together during breakfast, to help my boys know what we will be doing that day. You can fill out a new sheet every day, or laminate it and use it as a dry erase board.

The planner for kids also includes a week at a glance page, for you to write down major events that are happening each day of the week. This is great practice for kids to understand the flow of the week and also to help them look forward to special days (hello, weekend!).

Finally, you'll find a month at a glance page that you can customize for each month. My boys are working on learning the dates of each month, so I simply write in the number for each day and let them count and check off each day. For older kids, you can write the date in the small box in the corner and use the larger space to write in any upcoming events or dates to remember.

Get the Kids Planner

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Help little kids learn about days of the week, weather, and more with this colorful planner! Makes a great visual schedule for little kids and helps them to navigate their routine with confidence. Perfect for preschoolers at home or in the classroom! Makes a great chore chart too. Kids Planner | Morning Routine | Visual Schedule for Kids | Preschool Calendar | Kids Printables

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