Easy DIY Chalkboard Money for Chores Chart (with VIDEO)

Do you pay money for chores? It doesn't have to be a yes or no answer! You can help your kids earn money for chores with this easy DIY chalkboard chore chart and a few tips on whether or not to pay for chores.

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Do you give money for chores?

It's one of those parenting questions that doesn't have a "right" answer. Some families choose to give a no-strings attached allowance while others tie chores to weekly pay. There are pros and cons for each, and as with just about everything to do with parenting, you need to do what works for your family.

After contemplating all the different options when it comes to chores and allowance, our family has decided on a mixed solution. My twins have regular chores that they do daily and weekly as part of their normal routine. They do get a weekly allowance, but these chores are not tied to their allowance and are expected.

But when my boys want to earn extra money, we have additional "work for hire" jobs that they can do. These are things above and beyond their regular chores, and we have a super fun way to keep track of them: a DIY money for chores chart.

How We Give Money for Chores

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We don't give money for every day chores, like taking care of our pets, tidying up the playroom, or putting laundry away. But when my boys want to earn extra money for a new LEGO set then they can do one of mom's work for hire jobs.

I keep track of these jobs with our chalkboard Work For Hire chart, and when they are ready, they can just choose a clip and get to work!

You don't just have to limit it to cash. You can clip coupons for extra screen time or other rewards on this chart too. I love these free printable Mom Bucks as a super fun chore reward!

Ready to make your own chalkboard chore chart? It's super easy! Here's what you need.

Watch the Money for Chores Chart Video below then keep reading for the easy DIY directions!

Money for Chores Chart DIY Instructions


Small Hanging Chalkboard
2 Colors of Acrylic Paint
White Sharpie Paint Marker
Paint Brushes
Wooden Clothes Pins
Black Sharpie
Dollar Bills, Mom Bucks, or Reward Cards


Start by using your white sharpie to write on your chalk board. Give it a title such as Work for Hire, Chores for Cash, etc.

Write To Do on the left hand side and Done on the right. Draw a vertical line down the center of the board.

Next paint half your clothes pins one color, and half the other color. Let Dry.

Once the paint is dry, use your black sharpie to write. (ex. Dishes)

Clip clothes pins to chalk board, and place your dollars or rewards under each one.

Hang your chore chart in a central location and the next time your kids ask for something, show them what they can do to earn it!

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