Feed Your Dog the Right Food (and Let the Kids Help) #WellnessPet

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Do your kids love to share food with the dog? Mine did - but all that table food is not good for your pet. Learn what is good nutrition for your dog and how to let kids help feed them in a healthy and fun way!

My dog's diet changed when my twins were born. Before, we had always been careful not to feed Griffey from the table, for health reasons and to keep him from developing bad manners. But when the twins came along there were so many crumbs falling to the floor that Griffey got used to finding snacks under the table (and it was hard to resist the clean up help).

Now that they boys are older, the love sneaking bites of food to the dog. But all that "people food" started to sneak up on Griffey, and I noticed that his tummy was often upset. That's when I decided it was time to get serious again about my dog's nutrition - and to teach my boys how to feed Griffey in a way that would keep him healthy (but still be lots of fun).

The Right Dog Food Makes a Difference

About a month ago, we switched Griffey to Wellness® Complete Health™ in the hopes of getting him back on a stable, wholesome diet. He loves his new natural dog food and his tummy seems much happier too! 

The food we choose for our dogs is so important - it not only nourishes their bodies, but protects their health and gives them energy - especially in a senior dog like Griffey. Choosing a natural dog food made with super nutrients, conscious ingredient sourcing, and the highest quality standard can make a big difference for your dog. The Wellness® difference means that every ingredient in your dog's food has a purpose - it's not just about what is left out (like artificial ingredients or fillers) but about what is inside- a small number of simple, pure, authentic ingredients. Just look at the label and you'll see that Wellness® has high quality protein, essential vitamins and nutrients so your pet's health can shine through.

We can see in Griffey's soft shiny coat, healthy teeth, happy energy, and better digestion that Wellness® is making a difference in his life. Taking care of him through better nutrition makes me feel confident that we are doing everything that we can to help him lead a long, happy life.

Learning to Feed Our Dog the Right Way

I love that my boys want to share with Griffey, but want to avoid him eating from the table. Especially now that he's feeling so great on his Wellness® diet! Fortunately, there are a few ways that I can include my twins in taking care of Griffey that give them the opportunity to feed him the right way. If your kids like to "share" with the dog too, let them do so in a healthy way such as:

  • Give your kids responsibility for feeding the dog, and have him eat at the same time the family is eating. If your dog is enjoying his own food, he will be less likely to beg at the table. You can use my printable pet responsibility chart to help keep track of feedings.
  • Let the kids fill food dispensing toys with Wellness® (use dry and canned food for best results) and give them to your dog as a fun boredom buster.
  • Use pieces of your dog's food as a training reward - let kids teach your dog new tricks in a positive way using the food they love!

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