Transform Your Pet Water Bowl into a Swoon Worthy Planter

Let your pets help water the plants when you turn an ordinary water bowl into a fun succulent garden. This DIY project is super easy and works for dogs and cats. Fun for kids to make too!

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When you have three senior pets, you go through a lot of water. Especially when two of them take medicines that can increase thirst. This is the story of my life right now, and with warmer weather and more outside time coming, I know that I'll be filling up the bowl again and again.

That's why I decided to set up a second pet water bowl close to the door to our deck, and since it was right in the middle of everything I wanted it to look good too. I decided to transform an ordinary pet water bowl into an adorable planter (and it lets my pets water the plants for me too!).

How to Make a Pet Water Bowl Planter

This DIY project is super easy and makes a great accent to your home decor. It's handy too, as the plants can drink up your pet's water splashes. This design works for cats and dogs of every size and gives your home the air cleaning benefits of having plants around. It's a win all around! Here's what you need to make your own.

Pet Water Bowl Planter Supplies


Start by putting your small plastic bowl or container in the center of your metal tray. This will work as a pedestal for your water dish, so make sure it fits on top. Mine worked best right side up, but you may need to flip yours over depending on your container.

If it is slippery, you can add a small piece of rug grip to help keep it secure.

Next, place a shallow layer of potting soil around the inner bowl. Add in your plants, then cover with more soil until they are firmly planted.

A note about choosing your plants. I used an assortment of succulents because they are super cute and easy to care for. They make a great choice for this planter but be sure that anything you use is safe for pets. Here's a great list for choosing pet safe succulents. Grasses would also be a great choice! No matter what you pick, you can double check for toxicity with the ASPCA's searchable database.

Once your plants are secure, add in decorative rocks to cover the remainder of the soil. I added a couple to my inner bowl for extra weight as well.

Then, place your water dish on top and you have the perfect pet water bowl planter!

I set ours up with a cute mat underneath in a spot near our back door so my pets have easy access when they come inside. It works for everyone from my cat to my big dog, and I love how it looks!

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Turn your pet's water bowl into a super cute planter! This is genius - let the dog water the plants when he drinks. Uses pet friendly plants to create and succulent garden and DIY dog bowl in one. Works for cats too! Love this idea for a pet DIY project. #raedunn #pets #DIY #dogs #cats

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