How to Relieve Allergy Symptoms Naturally

Easy tips for how to relieve allergy symptoms naturally so you can feel better this season.

Last week, I lost my voice. For two whole days. As a mom with 5 year old twins, you can only imagine the havoc this brought to our house. I managed to get out a few whispers when I needed to, but it is not something I want to experience again until these boys are fully grown, for all our sanity.

And what was the culprit? Seasonal allergies. I've had them for years, and one of my boys is suffering now too. Fortunately I have some tried and true tricks for how to relieve allergy symptoms naturally that I was able to use to get some relief.

My voice is back (sorry boys!) and I hope these easy allergy hacks help you survive the season too.

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How to Relieve Allergy Symptoms Naturally

Keep in mind that I'm not a doctor. Nothing I can share is going to cure your allergies and there are lots of allergy treatment options out there, so talk with your doctor for medical advice. 

What I am is a lifelong allergy sufferer who can give you a few natural ways to alleviate your allergy suffering and hopefully help you feel better fast.

Do a Sinus Rinse

Doing a sinus rinse is equally disgusting and satisfying. Once you get over the initial apprehension, you will discover that clearing out your sinuses with simple saline rinse can provide a tremendous amount of relief. 

You can use a neti pot, but you'll need to use distilled or boiled then cooled water. I much prefer using this sinus cleanse system because it has a built in filter, and it is much easier to use. Seriously, this is a life saver for your sinuses at allergy time!

Get Steamed Up

Nothing feels better than using steam to help clear up allergy blocked nasal passages. It's super easy to do: simply fill a glass bowl with water that has been heated to near boiling. Lean over the bowl and place a small towel over your head to trap the steam inside. Then breathe normally with your eyes closed.

For extra relief, you can add a couple of drops of essential oils. I personally like to use a drop or 2 of Lemon and Spearmint oils for allergy relief. 

Get more ideas for steam allergy blends here.

Easy DIY for Allergy Eyes

I will forever be grateful to the eye doctor who taught me this little trick.

Mix together 1 part baby shampoo to 2 parts water. Dab a cotton ball in the mixture and use it to clean your closed eyelid and eyelashes. Then rinse clean with plain water. This helps to remove pollen and irritants that get stuck in your lashes and around your eyes.

I do this every time I come in from outside and it really helps! (It also works as a makeup remover too).

Use Essential Oils

I'm new to using essential oils for allergy relief but I've found them to be incredibly helpful for my symptoms. I personally love using a blend of Blue Tansy and Rosalina in my diffuser to help with allergy relief. I've also had success using this Skin Soother roll on for itchy spots on my legs and arms after being outside.

You can find more tips and ideas for using essential oils for allergy relief here.

Switch Your Shower

When you're outside during allergy season you end up with pollen on your clothes, on your skin, and in your hair without even realizing it. That's why you want to switch up your shower routine to evenings. If you shower at night, you'll wash those allergens away and keep them out of your bed.

Or even better, take a nice hot bath with my DIY relaxing bath salts.

And if you're spending a lot of time outside, it's a good idea to change your clothes and hop in a quick shower when you go inside (or at least wash your hands and face). This will help keep those allergens outside, off of you and out of your home.

Don't forget that keeping your house clean helps keeps allergies at bay too! Click here for all my house cleaning tips and tricks.

Allergy Relief Essentials

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