One Simple Switch for Your Dog's Skin & Coat Health

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On a warm spring day, you might see strange white drifts in my backyard. It's not a surprise snow storm and I don't live in tumbleweed country. There's really no mystery as to what's causing it: I've just given my dog Griffey a good brushing.

With a dog like Griffey, the fur is always flying. He has a thick double coat and if we hadn't had his DNA tested a couple of years ago, I would swear he is part polar bear. Keeping all that fur looking and feeling good is really important to us, and I've recently made a simple switch that has done wonders for his skin and coat health. And my handsome white dog is happier than ever!

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Keeping Your Dog's Skin & Coat Healthy 

Griffey's thick white coat is part of what makes him so lovable - he's soft to the touch and very snuggly. He's also ready to play in any kind of weather!

Griffey will be 10 this year, and as he's aged, his fur has become a bit more coarse and more prone to shedding as the seasons change. He's also become a little more sensitive, developing a few "old man" skin bumps and spots.

There are a few things that we have always done to protect his skin and coat, like regular baths with gentle, natural shampoo and frequent brushing. We're also careful to protect him from fleas and ticks. But recently, we've made a switch to help protect his skin and coat from the inside out, and it's made him look and feel better than ever.

For the past few weeks, Griffey has transitioned to AvoDerm Natural pet food and he looks and feels great. AvoDerm Natural is a premium pet food with high quality ingredients and NO corn/fillers, wheat, soy, artificial preservatives or animal by product meals (which means less chance of allergies and sensitivities). And according to Griffey, it tastes great!

What really makes AvoDerm special is that one of its key ingredients is also one of nature's superfoods - avocados.

Avocados are packed with nutrients your dog needs, including fiber, antioxidants, and over 20 vitamins and minerals. They are also rich in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids which help promote healthy skin and a soft shiny coat.

AvoDerm is made in small batches in California, using only carefully selected, high-quality California avocados. The difference is clear in creating a food that your dog will love and will help support their health inside and out.

With the weather turning warmer and spring approaching, Griffey started losing his winter coat. It seemed like the perfect time to switch now on Amazon to AvoDerm Natural, to let his new coat be as healthy as possible.

Like with any new food, we transitioned slowly, adding AvoDerm to his previous kibble a little at a time. After a week, he was exclusively eating AvoDerm and cleaning his bowl every time. He can be a little picky with his food, so I knew this was a good sign. He's even taken to waiting in the kitchen for his next meal!

I soon noticed that when I brushed him, his coat seemed softer than ever before. He's still losing that extra winter fur, but his new spring coat is shiny and smooth. He seems to be feeling great too - ready to play outside with the kids and acting like a dog half his age.

I'm super happy that we've switched to AvoDerm to help keep Griffey healthy inside and out. And the best part is that I can order AvoDerm Natural right on Amazon - no lugging big bags from the store (you can even save on every order with Subscribe & Save and be sure you never run out).

Switch now on Amazon and see what a difference AvoDerm Natural can make for your dog's skin and coat! AvoDerm Natural also has food your felines will love! Switch now on Amazon.

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