Easy Homemade Glow in the Dark Garden Markers

Simple homemade garden markers that glow in the dark - perfect for kids to make.

One of our favorite projects this time of year is planting our garden. My boys love to use their garden planner to decide what we are going to plant each year, and we also love to make homemade garden markers together. We've used these printable alphabet garden markers in the past, but this year we're trying something new.

Inspired by my boys' new found love of all things that glow in the dark, these homemade garden markers are super fun for kids to help make. They work perfectly in both outdoor gardens or indoor herb gardens, and would even make a great addition to a garden themed gift!

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Homemade Glow in the Dark Garden Markers

You only need a few simple supplies to make these garden markers, and no artistic talent is required. Here's what you need.


- Glow in the dark paint
- Paint brush
- Large, wide wood craft sticks
- Newspaper or scrap paper
- Permanent marker
- Clear sealant (optional for indoor use)


1. Begin by placing the wood craft sticks on a piece of newspaper. This will help soak up any paint that runs off the sides.

2. Continue by applying a coat of glow in the dark paint to the wood craft sticks. You will notice that this paint goes on light, so be prepared to build on the coats.

3. Add two more coats of the glow in the dark paint, allowing coats to dry well in between.

4. Once the sticks are completely dry, flip them over so you can paint the opposite side using the same 3 coat process.

5. Once both sides are dry, take your marker and start writing the names of the plants you wish to identify on the sticks. You want to keep your lettering closer to one end of the stick as the opposite end will be in the ground. Press firmly as you write.

6. You can coat your sticks with a clear sealant if you are using these outside. It's not necessary for indoor herb gardens. You can use a sealant like this, or even a thin coat of clear nail polish will work.

To use your glow in the dark garden markers, just press them into the soil to identify the plant.

That's it! Your garden is ready to glow and I guarantee your kids will love how it looks after dark.

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Kids will love to help make these homemade garden markers that glow in the dark! This is a super easy garden project for kids and families to make together. These DIY garden markers require just a few supplies and are fun to create. See how they glow at night for a fun glow in the dark garden! #gardens #gardenideas #gardening #diy #glowinthedark

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