10 Organizing Essentials Your House Needs

10 organizing essentials that will help you tackle all your home organization projects.

I've asked thousands of people what being organized means to them. I've heard back from everyone from new moms to empty nesters, and no matter what, a lot of their answers are the same.

Being able to find what I need when I need it.

Tackling paper clutter.

Not enough space for everything.

Sound familiar? These are just a few of the challenges that we're all facing when it comes to getting organized. And while all our houses are a little different, there are a few organizing essentials that everyone can use to take control of the clutter. These are just a few of my all time favorite tools for helping to get and stay organized without spending a ton of money.

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Organizing Essentials Your House Needs

No matter how many people are in your family, or the layout of your home, these versatile pieces are must haves if you want to get organized. I call them my "organizing essentials" and they are really things that I use every day.

Clutter Bin

Every home should have a clutter bin or basket where clutter can live until it finds its way back home, and you should commit to emptying it every day.

I keep ours on the stairs and make sure to grab it every time we go up or down. If you don’t have stairs, you can place an open basket or bin in a central area and make sure it is emptied every night. You can even get your family involved by having separate bins for each person so they can be responsible for their things each day.

Magazine Holders

Magazine holders are great for storing water bottles, cleaning supplies, reusable bags and just about anything you can think of.  You can find these for under $2 each and they can be used for so many organizing projects. I use them in my pantry to store paper plates, plasticware, as well as wraps, bags, and foil. I also have several in the kids' craft room for coloring books, papers, and artwork. They are seriously the best.

Hanging Organizers

Our walls and doors are often overlooked when we are searching for storage space, and you can get super organized by going vertical! I love using hanging laundry bags on the back of bathroom and bedroom doors (this one is super cool because you just put the basket underneath, unzip, and bam, clothes go right inside).

You can also use hanging shoe organizers for so much more than shoes. Use them for small toys in the kids' room, cleaning products in the laundry room, or snacks in the pantry. Check out how my friend Kristen uses shoe organizers for winter gear - genius!

Using hanging organizers can help relieve some of the clutter from your shelves and cabinets, and they help you use some of that vertical space.

Paper & Mail Organizer

One of the biggest questions I'm asked is how do you deal with paper clutter? No matter how much we go digital, it still seems like our homes are overflowing with paper (especially if you have kids in school!).

Dealing with paper as soon as it comes into the house is one of the things I do every day to keep my house organized, and having a place to sort it is key. This is also another great time to utilize vertical storage with a wall hanging file system. I have a DIY version here that is super easy to make, or you can find some awesome options to buy here.

Open bins are a great way to organize anything in your home. Why do they work so well? Open bins allow you to quickly pull it out and toss in the contents, and find them easily when you need them. Rather than using dividers and complicated systems to organize something, open bins allow you to organize by category and like items. You can use open bins for toys (for kids or dogs), craft supplies, shoes, and so much more. See a great selection of bins for all uses here.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are my go to organizer for all the little things. They are super versatile, totally washable, durable, and go with just about any decor. And they are so inexpensive - you can get them for under $2 a piece. I use them everywhere: in the bathroom for cotton balls, swabs, and more, on my desk for pencils and markers, and in the kitchen for all sorts of things. You can't go wrong having a set of mason jars around - trust me, you will use them.

Drawer Dividers

We all have those drawers that you just don't want to open. Whether it's a dresser or a junk drawer, sometimes the mess gets so overwhelming that you just give up. That's why drawer organizers are one of my organizing essentials. We have an awesome custom drawer organizer for my kids' clothes (and I made free printable labels to go with it) which works great.

For that kitchen junk drawer, or a desk, I love this solution that lets you mix and match bins of different sizes to make your perfect fit. 

I have command hooks EVERYWHERE. I seriously love them so. Whether it's in my kitchen to hold potholders and towels, in the bathroom for robes, or in the foyer for keys and dog leashes, they are my go to for anything that needs to hang. And don't even get me started on how much I use them for holiday decorating!

I love that they can look good, hold a lot, and are totally easy to hang and remove if you need to. Genius! I always keep a variety on hand for little organizing projects.

OK so the picture below totally shows my love of command hooks, as you can see my husband grabbed one from my stash and used a zip tie to make a DIY cord clip (I also love zip ties, but that will be a different post). You can also buy command style cord clips that will look a little better than ours here.

Cord clips are a must these days because we all have so many electronics and charger cords. They can easily be lost or tangled if they don't have a home. Using cord clips will keep everything tidy and where it should be when you need it.

Label Maker

One of the most common things that I hear about organizing is that people want to be able to find the things they need when they need them. This is why I like to label ALL THE THINGS. I use my Cricut Explore Air to create awesome labels for everything from kitchen canisters to toy bins.

You can also go with a smaller handheld label maker for files and folders. Or, if you have better handwriting than me, you can get a set of chalkboard labels and markers to create your own. Whichever way you go, having things labeled clearly will make you feel way more organized (and you can find your stuff!).

Check out all my favorite organizing ideas here including awesome printables and planners!

More Organizing Essentials

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