Free Printable Dental Reminder Planner Stickers

Keep your teeth looking and feeling great with free printable dental reminder planner stickers and tips from the American Dental Association, who is sponsoring this post.

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I've always made taking care of my teeth a priority by scheduling regular cleanings at the dentist and remembering to brush and floss every day. Then when my twins were born, a lot of my good habits fell by the wayside in the crazy days of early motherhood.

I was a little nervous when I finally scheduled my long overdue dental cleaning. But as soon as the dentist asked if I would like the massage chair turned on I knew I was in great hands. And fortunately, my exam was easy peasy (no cavities!).

I vowed to get back into my good dental habits by scheduling a cleaning and exam regularly and following a good oral care routine at home. I've got a fun set of dental reminder planner stickers to help keep me on track and I have them here as a free printable for you too!

Easy Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

When I last visited the dentist, she worked with me to create a personalized home routine to keep my teeth and gums looking and feeling good. And she reminded me that when I take good care of my teeth at home, my visits to her office would stay easy (and she has that massage chair - it's like a mom spa day).

While you should talk to your dentist about your own personalized home care routine, there are a few Home Oral Care Recommendations from the American Dental Association that everyone should try to follow.

ADA Home Care Recommendations

A healthy mouth needs daily care to stay that way. Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and be sure to clean between your teeth every day. 

When you're shopping for your oral care products like toothpaste, mouth rinse, or floss, be sure to choose products with the ADA Seal of Acceptance. You'll know that you're getting a product that has been proven to be both safe and effective.

Make sure that you are eating a healthy diet and limiting your sugar intake, especially with beverages. Water is always best, especially when it is fluoridated. And do not use any tobacco products ever.

Finally, be sure to see your dentist regularly for prevention and treatments as needed.

Stay on Track with Printable Planner Stickers

I often say that if it's not written in my planner it's not going to happen. I find it so much easier to remember things once they are down on the page. And I love using planner stickers to make those reminders even more fun. That's why my secret weapon to keeping my teeth healthy is this set of dental care reminder planner stickers.

These stickers have everything you need to remember to keep your mouth healthy. The free printable sticker sheet includes:
  • Dentist appointment reminders
  • Smile stickers
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste icons
  • Floss reminder stickers
  • Water intake tracker
Plus "Don't Forget" boxes, bullets, and flags for your customized to do list and plan.

You can get the set free by clicking the button below.


Once you've downloaded the set, you can print it on full size sticker paper and cut out. Or, if you use a Cricut like I do, simply convert the file to a jpg and upload it to Design Space (you will want to resize it to 6.75 wide for best results).

You can use these stickers in any planner or calendar, and they will help you remember to take care of your teeth every day!

For more ideas on home oral care, or to find a list of ADA-Accepted products, visit the American Dental Association here.

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Free printable planner stickers to help keep your smile strong! These adorable printable sticker set includes dentist appointment reminders, daily floss reminders, water intake tracker, smile stickers, bullets, to do boxes, and more. Works with all planners and easy to use with Cricut machines. Plus, awesome home oral care tips too! #AD

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