Find Your Judgement Free Zone with This Surprising Inspiration

Commit to living judgement free this year with a surprising source of inspiration and an amazing deal.

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When you're a mom it feels like judgement is all around you. From how you feed your new baby to what you're wearing at school drop off, it can feel like someone is watching (and judging) your every move.

I've always believed that everyone should be free to make their own choices, and we each know what works best for our lives and families. You won't see me passing judgement if your child loses it in the grocery check out line. You'll get a sympathetic smile, a helping hand, and hopefully you'll leave knowing that you're not alone.

Even though I believe in always choosing kindness over condescension, I'll admit that I've let the fear of being judged shake my confidence as a mom.

This year I am determined to live totally judgement free by not only celebrating and accepting others, but by embracing my own choices and knowing that I am doing what is right for me and my family.

And I've discovered a surprising source of inspiration right in my own home.

Find out how to make your life a judgement free zone and the surprising thing that might inspire you! #momlife #dogmom #resolutions

A Judgement Free Zone at Home

My two dogs have been a part of our family since before my twins were born. I'm a stay at home mom, so they are my constant companions on my motherhood journey. And their unconditional love has inspired me to understand what it's really like to live without judgement.

Here's the thing about having dogs at home. They see EVERYTHING. There's no hiding your true self from your dogs. And they love you no matter what.

My dogs have been by my side from the start. They were there for every nighttime feeding when my boys were babies. They kept me company through sleep deprived days with two newborns and totally exhausting days with two toddlers, when I didn't know how I'd make it until my husband got home.

They've been there every time I've lost my patience and they are the soft shoulders I cry on when I think I'm a bad mom (because we all have those moments).

They know exactly how long its been since I've had a real shower, and just how late it is some days when I change out of my pajamas.

They are well aware of what passes for meals when I forget to defrost the chicken, and even where my secret chocolate stash is.

And guess what? They still think I'm awesome. Yoga pants, messy hair and all.

This year, I'm determined to start seeing myself through my dog's eyes. I'm going to embrace exactly who I am and not judge myself too harshly. And I won't get drawn into comparisons with other moms. I know that I'm doing my best, what is right for us, and that no matter what I've got a happy family that loves me just for who I am.

Finding Your Judgement Free Zone

One of the other things that I'm working on this year is taking care of my health, and if you are too then Planet Fitness is the Judgement Free Zone that you need. 

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But best of all, Planet Fitness is truly a Judgement Free Zone®, with a hassle free environment that lets you achieve your wellness goals without pressure. 

There's everything you'd expect for a great workout, like brand name cardio and strength equipment, small group fitness instruction, flat screen TVs, and fully equipped locker rooms.

But my favorite thing about Planet Fitness isn't even inside the club: it's their Planet of Triumphs, an online community where members can celebrate their accomplishments, share their stories, and encourage each other. How amazing is that?

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