Heartwarming Free Printable Winter Lunch Box Notes for Kids

Free printable winter lunch box notes to warm your kids' hearts on the coldest school days!

Getting back into the school routine after winter break can be tough. Especially when it is cold outside and your bed is so warm and cozy! On our first school morning back this year the thermometer didn't get about 10 degrees, and I wanted to stay snuggled inside as much as my boys did.

But we managed to make it in on time and I put a sweet surprise in their lunch boxes to remind them that I was thinking of them. These adorable winter lunch box notes are guaranteed to warm your kids' hearts on even the coldest days, and I have them here as a free printable for you!

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Free Printable Winter Lunch Box Notes

My boys love finding notes in their lunch boxes. It's a little something special that my mom used to do for me as a kid so I know how it can brighten their day. And on these long, cold winter days it's even more important to remind them that I'm thinking about them. These adorable winter lunchbox notes are perfect for the season with everything from snowmen to penguins, mittens, hats and more!

There are nine notes in all, and each one has a cute illustration and special message for your child. You can download them for free by clicking the button below.


Once you've downloaded your lunch box notes, I recommend printing on card stock for best results. Then simply cut them out (I use a guillotine cutter and it makes straight lines so easy!) and place in your child's lunch box in the morning. Or you can even leave them as sweet surprises around the house: tape one to the bathroom mirror or even leave one in a favorite book.

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