Last Day of Homeschool Year in Review Printable

Celebrate the last day of homeschool with this free year in review printable!

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It's June and that's a wrap on our first year of homeschool! 

I'm excited to report that this year we not only survived but thrived as new homeschoolers. It wasn't always easy but it was definitely worthwhile, and we're already looking forward to next year.

Homeschool has changed a lot of our family traditions when it comes to school and I've been working on adapting some of our favorites to our new situation. One is our last day of school review, which has a fresh new makeover for the last day of homeschool.

Homeschool Year in Review

One thing about homeschool is that there isn't really a "last day" in the same sense as public school. Some families school year round, while some do a modified summer schedule. I wanted to make this printable work for as many families as possible, so I've called it a "year in review" instead of a "last day of school" page.

This review sheet makes a wonderful keepsake for your homeschool year. It's a fun spot to record your child's favorites, from books to games and much more. You'll also find a space to attach (or draw) a photo from your year, and a spot to doodle or record highlights of what you learned.

Finally, there's a space for your learner to record what they are excited about for next year... even if your "next year" starts next week!

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Reviewing your homeschool year isn't just for kids - homeschooling parents can take advantage of looking back all year long with reverse planning, and I have the perfect tool to help you do it easily all year long. Check it out below, and browse our homeschool collection in the printable library here.

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