Celebrate Summer Solstice with Family Dinner Book Club

Celebrate the summer solstice with Family Dinner Book Club and a free printable activity guide!

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We're halfway through our year of celebrations with Family Dinner Book Club and this month we get to celebrate summer! Specifically, we're focusing on the summer solstice, which falls on June 20 this year.

You probably already know that the summer solstice is the longest day of the year. But did you also know that many experts believe that Stonehenge was built to honor the summer solstice? Thousands of visitors flock to the site every year to see the near perfect view of the summer sun through the stones.

Far away in Alaska, a midnight baseball game has been a summer solstice tradition since 1906, and it just so happens that our Family Dinner Book Club featured book for June takes place in Alaska and celebrates the solstice.

You can see more books about the summer solstice from my Family Dinner Book Club co-host Jodie here.

Free Printable Summer Solstice Activity Guide

Get ready to host your summer solstice themed Family Dinner Book Club guide with the FREE printable activity guide for June. Inside, you'll find fun summer solstice facts and links to activities that you can do to celebrate the day as a family. You'll also find a link to my co-host Sarah's delicious solstice themed menu.

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