Free Last Day of School Printables for Every Grade

Fun free printables to celebrate the Last Day of School from preschool to senior year!

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One cool thing about becoming homeschoolers is that we can make the last day of school any day we want. For us, it's tomorrow! Which means it's time for one of my favorite traditions... the last day of school review.

The end of the school year is such a crazy time for students, parents, and teachers, no matter if you're in person, at home, or online. One of my readers asked me to help her document her kiddos' last day of school and I was more than happy to jump in. She had used my All About Me on the First Day of School printables at the beginning of the year, and wanted a companion for the last day.

Click here for the first day of school version.

I was happy to create these fun free printables for the last day of school for my own kids and yours too! This is a super simple way to take a snapshot of your child at the end of the year and a perfect keepsake for years to come.

Last Day of School Printables

This Last Day of School printable set includes 14 total pages, taking you from the last day of preschool to high school graduation. Simply enter your information below to have the printables delivered right to your email for FREE.

Then print and have your child record their favorite things and memories from the previous year! There is even a spot to paste your child's last day of school photo.

Getting Ready for Summer 

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