Easy DIY Hanging Caddy to Organize Kids' Art Supplies

Organize kids' school and art supplies in this easy DIY hanging caddy.

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As we've been thrown into distance learning our normal stash of kids art supplies has turned into school supplies. And they are everywhere!

Years ago, when I first figured out how to organize art supplies in a small space, I discovered that the secret to success was using vertical space as much as possible. Now that our homework station has turned into a classroom, I've found we need ways to organize our school and art supplies more than ever.

Since we're not heading out to the store, I decided to make a DIY hanging organizer to hold pencils, markers, and more in our school space. This is a super simple, no sew project that your kids can help make using materials you probably already have at home.

Make a DIY Hanging Organizer for Kids Art Supplies

This hanging organizer is so easy to make and perfect to hold your art and school supplies. You can hang it from a command hook on the wall or even a door knob. Or slip it over the corner of a desk chair to keep your kids' supplies handy at their space.

I'll show you how to create a rainbow design, but you can customize the design to fit your style. Let your kids be creative and have fun with this easy DIY project!

Supplies needed:

- Large felt sheet (8x12) (the stiffer the felt, the better)
- assorted craft felt
- craft glue or hot glue, glue gun
- scissors
- hook (optional)


1. Begin by taking your large craft felt sheet and folding it in half lengthwise. Then cut out 1/4 square to create an L shape. Fold the base of the L onto itself to create a tall backside and half pocket for the front.

2. Add a line of glue around the sides and bottom only of the felt flap. This segment will act as your pocket. You want to be sure you leave the top unglued since this will be where your supplies go in.

3. Press the pocket so the glue adheres. Allow to dry. 

4. While your glue is drying use the additional craft felt to make the decor that will go on the front of your caddy. For ours, we made a rainbow. We cut out half circles in assorted colors and sizes, so when stacked up we had a rainbow effect. 

5. A large white circle will help set off your design. Create a white circle and glue it to the front pocket of the caddy. 

6. Add some glue to your design (in our case the rainbow) and press it to the circle. Hold in place until secure. 

7. Cut a slit near the top of the caddy, approximately one inch from the top. Your slit should be anywhere from 1-3 inches in size depending on the hook or knob you are hanging it from.

8. Once all of your felt pieces are dried and secure, slip the caddy over a doorknob or a hook. You can then add your pencils, crayons, markers, etc. to keep them organized and ready for when you need them!

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