Make a Christmas Paper House with Cricut (FREE Design Included)

Use your Cricut to make Christmas paper houses for gift card holders, farmhouse style Christmas decorations, and more.

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There's no better time to have a Cricut machine than during Christmas. It makes DIY cards and decor so easy, and the results are amazing! I have so many Cricut Christmas projects planned this year, but this sweet paper house might be my favorite.

Paper house Christmas decorations are super popular right now, and they look amazing as part of a farmhouse style Christmas. You can make these adorable paper houses to use as decorations with a battery operated tea light inside, or turn them into gift card holders for everyone on your list! 

If you're really ambitious, you can also make 24 of them to use as an adorable advent calendar village.

However you're planning to use your Christmas paper houses, I have the supplies and instructions you'll need to make them easily with your Cricut.

How to Make Christmas Paper Houses

This Christmas paper house is easier to make than you think! The design is already loaded into Design Space for you so you just need to cut, fold, glue and go. Here's what you need.


Cricut machine
1 sheet of card stock (12x12 works best, but you can use letter size card stock if you adjust the size of the design)
Blue light grip mat
Scotch quick drying tacky glue (this is my favorite glue for paper crafts!)
Cricut Scoring Stylus or scoring wheel


Start by opening Design Space and loading the paper house project.

Click here to access the design in Design Space.

The design is already is ready to go with proper sizing, score and cut lines already in place for a 12x12 piece of card stock. Simply load your scoring stylus or wheel and follow the prompts to create your project. Be sure to adjust your material to "card stock".

You can use a smaller piece of card stock if you adjust the total size, but take care not to change any of the layers or lines.

Assembling Your Paper House

Once your project is finished cutting you can begin to fold. I've included a guide below for how to fold the lines - it's important to follow the guide to ensure that the house comes together properly.

The numbers indicate the order in which you'll glue the house together.

You'll notice that the lines are color coded to indicate "valley" or "mountain" folds. If you're new to paper crafts this might seem confusing! Valley folds indicate that the paper is folded so that it forms a V or valley. A mountain fold forms a peak.  Click here for more info on the difference between the two folds.

You can also click on the photo below to get a printable version of the folding guide.

Once you've made all your folds, it's time to start gluing. Begin by gluing step 1 to the opposite side to form a box. Make sure that the score marks line up so the house is not crooked.

Turn your box design upside down so that flap 5 with windows is facing you.

Next fold bottom flap 2 inwards and add glue to the top. Fold bottom flap 3 on top. This will begin to create the bottom of the box.

After, add glue on top of bottom flap 3 and fold in bottom flap 4. Add glue on top of bottom flap 4 and fold down bottom flap 5 (this flap will most likely be facing you and folding away from you as the last one glued).

For step 6 and 7 you are going to act as you are closing a milk carton by using your middle finger and thumbs where the numbered points are and your ring finger in the middle of the point to pinch the roof together. They will collapse with ease inward.

Finally, add a ribbon through the precut holes to close your box. Don't forget to put the gift card inside first! Feel free to add paper crinkle or snow for a more festive look.

You can also add a battery operated tea light before closing the box to turn your paper house into an adorable Christmas decoration. Or, decorate your box with paint, markers, glitter... get creative and make it your own!

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