Book Club Questions for The Other Woman

Host a lively discussion of The Other Woman by Sandie Jones with these book club questions.

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There's nothing better than curling up with a good thriller when the weather gets chilly and nights get longer. That's why we picked Sandie Jones' The Other Woman as our October Mom's Book Nook book club book, and now we are ready to discuss with thought provoking book club questions to go with it!

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Things are going great for Emily: she meets Adam, the man of her dreams, gets engaged, and it seems like things couldn’t be more perfect. But Adam’s mother Pammie is determined to break up her son’s engagement and get Emily as far away from Adam as possible, and she doesn’t make any effort to hide it. As Pammie and Emily’s relationship grows more and more strained, Emily begins to wonder if she and Adam will be able to make it work. The Other Woman by Sandie Jones is a refreshing thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Book Club Questions for The Other Woman

Were you more inclined to root for Pammie or feel bad for Emily while reading The Other Woman? 

What moments did you really sympathize with Emily, and what moments, if any, were you secretly rooting for Pammie?

What did you think of Pammie’s methods? Was there a better way she could have gone about trying to protect Emily?

How do you think Emily handled her mother-in-law’s animosity towards her? Was Emily too hard on Pammie when she tried to apologize?

Discuss the plot twist. Were you expecting it? Was it a satisfactory ending to the story?

Did you notice any red flags foreshadowing Adam’s later behavior?

Did the mother-in-law-from-hell storyline intrigue you, or did you find it too overplayed and unbelievable?

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