Free Printable Fall Recipe Cards & Foodie Finds

FREE printable fall recipe cards for all your favorite comfort foods! Perfect for your recipe box or to share.

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I'll be the first to admit that I am not much of a cook over the summer. But as soon as fall rolls around with crisp temperatures and gorgeous colors, I am ready to head back into the kitchen. Whether it's baking with pumpkins and apples, packing lunches for the kids, or making our favorite comfort food for dinner, fall is my favorite season for food.

Are you a fall foodie too? 

Keep reading for some of my favorite fall foodie finds and a set of free printable fall recipe cards to keep track of all your seasonal favorites.

Fall Foodie Finds to Try

When you think of fall foods I am sure pumpkin spice comes to mind. But there are so many more great flavors to try this season! Here are 5 food finds that I'm super excited about this fall.

Organic Herbal Flavored Waters from Trader Joe's

We can't live on coffee alone, even in fall. I'm always looking for ways to drink more water and these Organic Herbal Flavored Waters from Trader Joe's are a delicious, guilt-free way to stay hydrated.

I love flavored water but they are often filled with sweeteners and artificial flavors. These are very clean - just water and herbs! No calories, sugar, or sweeteners. And the flavor is very subtle for a refreshing change. You can get both flavors, Organic Lemon Ginger and Organic Lemongrass Spearmint, at your local Trader Joe's store.

The Negg®

This is GENIUS. I make a lot of hard boiled eggs for the kids' lunchboxes, quick breakfasts, or deviled eggs for holidays. I've discovered that making them in my Instant Pot is super easy but I still had to deal with peeling them. Not anymore thanks to the Negg® egg peeler.

The Negg® makes peeling eggs super easy and fun (my kids love to help do it now!). Just put your boiled egg and a little water inside, shake, and the shell slides right off. So cool! Plus it's made in the USA. 

Check out the Negg® in action here and grab one for yourself!

The Noodle Soup Oracle

Fall equals soup and with this cookbook you'll be set with yummy recipes all season long.

The Noodle Soup Oracle: Hundreds of Possibilities for the World's Favorite Comfort food by Michele Humes is inspired by the Noodler app, and it's not your average cookbook. It's hearty and homey but also fun. Pick your noodle, pick your soup, then choose your proteins, vegetables, and flourishes. It gives you hundreds of combinations for every taste and you can even find inspiration to make your own combinations. 

This collection of quick-and-easy recipes is a must for any noodle soup fan (and makes a great gift too).

New Simply™ Creamy Alfredo with Cauliflower from RAGÚ

Alfredo sauce is one of the ultimate comfort foods, and with new RAGÚ Simply™ Creamy Alfredo with Cauliflower you can enjoy the creamy Alfredo sauce you love with 1/2 the fat and calories of RAGÚ Classic Alfredo Sauce.

Made with milk and cauliflower, this sauce is perfect for quick Alfredo recipes your family will love. It's just the thing for fast weeknight meals that are still as hearty and cozy as the weekend!

Check it out here (available exclusively at Walmart) and try this yummy Alfredo with Chicken and Tomato for dinner tonight!

Sun Dried Fruitons from Traina Foods

When you start missing the fresh berries of summer this is what you need. fruitons® are a fun and easy way to add real fruit to your favorite salads, yogurt, granola... or as a healthy snack all on their own!

Sun dried fruit is flavorful, nutritious, and convenient. We love adding sun dried tomatoes to salads and pasta dishes, and my whole family loves the sun dried cherry fruitons all by themselves! And I love that there is no added sugar.

Free Printable Fall Recipe Cards

With all these fun fall foods you need a place to collect and store your favorite recipes. I have free printable fall recipe cards for just that!

These fall recipe cards are simple and print in ink-friendly black and white. They are the perfect place for you to record your favorite fall dishes for yourself or to share with friends. Click the button below to download yours.


Once you've downloaded your recipe cards, I recommend printing on card stock for best results. If you'd like to print them in a 4x6 recipe card size, be sure to choose A5 as your paper size. Then simply cut to size and start enjoying all the flavors of fall.

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