The Sick Day Survival Kit Busy Moms Need To Have

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No one likes a sick day. But when you have school-aged kids, you're going to have them. We only made it through 5 days of school this year before a tummy bug caught up to us. And I'm sure it's just a matter of time before the coughs and colds start.

Getting sick is just part of life with kids. That's why I put together a sick day survival kit, packed with essentials like Mucinex Junior®  Cough & Congestion Caplets and Mucinex Junior® Cold & Flu Caplets to help my boys feel better fast.

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Make a Sick Day Survival Kit

It's hard when our kids don't feel well. We want to do anything we can to comfort them and help them to feel better fast. That's why I love having a sick day survival kit on hand. I can keep everything I need to help them in one place, so I'm not scrambling to find things when I'd much rather be giving them sick day snuggles. Here's how to make your own sick day survival kit.

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Start by choosing the right container for your survival kit. I recommend using a sturdy, washable bin that you can disinfect as needed. This can also double as an emergency sick bin when the tummy bug strikes.

I used my Cricut to add a "Sick Day" label; you can also use permanent marker to write on the side so you keep this container exclusively for your sick day supplies.

Next, you'll want to stock your sick day survival kit with supplies to help your kids feel better and keep them entertained while they are home sick.

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Start with Mucinex® Junior Cold & Flu Caplets and Mucinex® Junior Cough & Congestion Caplets. These are a must-have in any well-stocked sick day survival kit.

I love including these junior caplets in my sick day kit because they are so much easier than dealing with liquids and measuring cups. They are pre-measured, so it's easy to give the right dose, and the swallowable caplet is designed in junior size just for kids.

Plus, they have symptom relief you can count on to help your kids feel more comfortable when fighting off nasty germs. I like to stock both in my sick day kit so that I can target exactly what my kids need. I reach for Mucinex@ Junior Cold & Flu when they have it all: cough, congestion, fever, headache, and sore throat. Mucinex@ Junior Cough & Congestion is my go-to to help quiet nagging coughs and break up icky mucus and congestion.

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In addition to your Mucinex® Junior Caplets, you'll also want to stock your sick day bin with:
  • Tissues for sneezes and sniffles
  • Water bottle to help kids stay hydrated
  • Cold/heat packs to help with aches and pains
  • Thermometer to monitor fevers
  • Hand sanitizer to keep germs at bay

In addition to these supplies, make sure to include some comfort items and activities to keep your kids entertained. We always include a favorite sick day stuffy to keep my boys company. You can also include things like activity books, comic books, puzzles, DVDs, and other quiet activities. 

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Sick days are a part of life when you're a mom. Having a sick day survival kit can help make them a little easier for everyone!

Learn more about how to make sick days easier with help from Mucinex® Junior Caplets.

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