100 Acts of Kindness For Families To Do Together

100 acts of kindness that families can do together to make a difference! Includes a Kindness planner and journal too.

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No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. - Aesop

These wise words may have been written 2000 years ago, but they are as true today as they were in Ancient Greece. Encouraging acts of kindness is one the most important things that we can do with our children, no matter their age.

All year, our Family Dinner Book Club has been focused on ways to help children make a difference. This month, we are focusing on bullying, and by extension, being kind to each other.

Can practicing acts of kindness actually help bullying? Studies say yes.

In fact, one study showed that:

When elementary students performed three acts of kindness per week they significantly increased their acceptance of peers compared to kids who did not perform three kind acts of kindness. (source)

That's why this month we are focusing on acts of kindness that families can do together. Teaching your kids about kindness is one thing, but actually performing acts of kindness together will help them to understand how kindness can ripple through their community.

Take the 100 Acts of Kindness Challenge

If three acts of kindness per week can make a difference, imagine what 100 acts of kindness can do! That's what I am challenging my family to do starting now, and you can too.

To get started, I've created a 100 Days of Kindness Planner and Journal to help you plan and record your family's acts of kindness.  This planner lets you jot down your ideas for acts of kindness, and also includes space for you to record your progress and feeling about the things that you have done.

This is a fantastic way to bring your family together and encourage you to be kind every day.

To help you get started, I’ve put together a massive list of 100 acts of kindness that you can do as a family. 

Let this list inspire you to begin your kindness journey as a family.

100 Acts of Kindness for Families

  1. Prepay for the person in front of you or behind you
  2. Offer to help someone you know pack or move
  3. Spend time undistracted and listening to someone talk
  4. Do a task for a family member that you know they hate doing
  5. Read a book to an elderly person
  6. Insert spare change into someone’s parking meter
  7. Send a random email to thank someone for their friendship
  8. Buy a patch of flowers and hand them out to people who pass by
  9. Do an activity or donate to a good cause
  10. Buy a movie ticket for the person standing behind you
  11. Donate old clothes that no longer fit you
  12. Participate in a local fundraiser
  13. Leave a kind note on someone’s car
  14. Donate your allowance to a charity of your choice
  15. Help someone who needs extra assistance in your neighborhood
  16. Hold the door open for people when you go out
  17. Compliment someone
  18. Show someone around town who is new to the city
  19. Find a way to make someone laugh
  20. Show new kids around school
  21. Wash the dishes without being told to
  22. Pay for a stranger’s library fees
  23. Donate your old blankets or towels to an animal shelter
  24. Plan a surprise party for someone that you know
  25. Pick up litter or trash in your community
  26. Help out by doing unpaid tasks at a ranch or farm in your area
  27. Buy from a local business
  28. Donate recycled cans for cash and donate your earnings
  29. Donate a book to your local library
  30. Write a kind message to your waiter at a restaurant
  31. Foster a pet at your local animal shelter
  32. Don’t complain about anything to anyone for an entire day
  33. Offer to walk your neighbor’s pet
  34. Say Thank You to a teacher
  35. Leave a note in a neighbors mailbox with kind words
  36. Send unused coloring books to sick kids
  37. Make a meal for a family in need
  38. Make care packages for your local cancer center
  39. Praise or rate a local business with a positive rating
  40. Offer to tutor someone in a subject they’re struggling in
  41. Give up your seat on the bus so someone else can sit down
  42. Pay for another student’s lunch
  43. Leave money in the vending machine for the next person
  44. Offer someone a lift when you’re out driving
  45. Buy lemonade from a stand instead of the grocery store
  46. When you come across trash, pick it up and dispose of it properly
  47. Send cards to sick children at a Children’s hospital
  48. Donate your hair to a company that makes wigs for kids/cancer patients
  49. Let someone cut in front of you in line
  50. Hide money somewhere for someone to find
  51. Send someone a handwritten card
  52. Leave a gas card at the pump for the next person to find
  53. Send a care package to a soldier overseas
  54. Let an establishment manager know when you’ve had excellent customer service
  55. Hold the door for someone
  56. Leave unused coupons for someone else to find at the grocery store
  57. Give someone a hug
  58. Find a way to make someone feel included
  59. Bring unwanted toys to a homeless shelter
  60. Give away unused items you’re not using on Freecycle or Craigslist
  61. Make breakfast in bed for someone in your home
  62. Offer to return shopping carts for people at the grocery store
  63. Do one of your siblings or family members chores for them without them knowing
  64. Pay the toll fee for the person behind you
  65. Bring a treat for your child’s class
  66. Write a list of things you love about someone and give it to them
  67. Buy school supplies for a teacher and leave it on their doorstep
  68. Take a special treat to the nurse’s station at your local hospital
  69. Bake someone a special treat
  70. Send a gift to your local librarian
  71. Offer to babysit a new mom without pay
  72. Send a thank you card to your local fire station
  73. Serve soup at the soup kitchen
  74. Offer to run an errand for a busy family member
  75. Do someone a favor just because
  76. Leave a box of goodies for your post office worker to find when they deliver your mail
  77. Help someone bring in or put groceries in their car
  78. Offer to help out in the kitchen
  79. Send a card to someone in a nursery home
  80. Write a positive comment on a blog or website
  81. Leave quarters for someone else to use at the laundromat
  82. When a cashier offers you to round up for a cause, do it!
  83. Clean your room without having to be asked to do it
  84. Hold a teddy bear drive and donate them to needy children
  85. Do a 5k for a cause
  86. Use Amazon Smile to donate to a charity
  87. Donate soda tabs to the Ronald McDonald House
  88. Write a letter to a stranger
  89. Do something kind for yourself
  90. Find a local give back night in your city and attend
  91. Talk to your grandparents and ask them about their life
  92. Volunteer at your local animal shelter
  93. Pass out stickers to kids who have to wait in line
  94. Shovel the driveway for an elderly neighbor
  95. Give a lottery ticket to a stranger
  96. Smile at people you pass on the street
  97. Create activity bags to donate to needy children
  98. Write a poem or short story for a friend
  99. Give someone a gift just because
  100. Send a special gift to school with your child for their bus driver

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