8 Healthy Habits for Busy Moms to Start Today

Commit to making a change for the better with these healthy habits to start today, no matter how busy you are.

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Whether it’s helping kids get ready for school in the morning, running errands, or just trying to get a simple meal on the table for dinner, moms are busy women. Most of us find that as our schedules slowly start to fill up, and the demands of our family start to take up more of our time, we start putting healthy habits towards to bottom of our list.

While one of my dad's favorite sayings was, "do what I say and not what I do," it's important to model a healthy lifestyle for our kids and to remember to take care of ourselves in the process. No matter how busy we are.

The good news is that there are some easy ways to make healthier choices no matter how busy you are. I have 8 simple healthy habits to start today and 1 amazing resource to help you live your healthiest life.

Healthy Habits to Start Today

Drink your water

Moms joke that they run on coffee and wine (and some days, it's not even a joke). But swapping out caffeinated and high calorie drinks for plain water is a super easy way to start making healthy changes in your day.

Click here for tips on how to drink more water everyday including a free printable 30 day water challenge.

Swap out your snacks

It can be so tempting to snack on the cheez-its or animal crackers that we get for our kids. Instead, rethink the items that are going into your snack station. Instead of putting in processed snacks, go for string cheese sticks, nuts, and fruit. These are a much healthier swap and are just as easy.

PS - these snacks are not only healthier for you, but your kids too!

We know we are supposed to be getting exercise every day, but who has time to put in a thirty-minute workout? Instead of thinking of it as putting in one thirty-minute workout a day, try to break it up into three 10 minute workouts, or even six 5 minute workouts. These quick workouts are perfect for those small pockets in your day, and will help your body and mind feel better.

Make a healthy meal plan

If you want to eat healthy throughout the week, you need to make sure you are preparing your kitchen and your fridge for success. Every Sunday, prep your dinners, lunches, and even snacks for the week. This will not only save you time throughout the rest of the week but give you easy healthy options to choose from instead of hitting the drive-thru.

Click here for my secret to making a meal plan in just 5 minutes a week.

Take your daily vitamins

Vitamins are a great way to fill in the nutritional gaps that your body needs to stay healthy. A simple daily multivitamin can help ensure that you are getting all the nutrients your body needs, especially on those days you feel rushed and may not make the best food choices.

While taking care of your body starts with getting enough physical activity, and what you fuel your body with, self-care is equally essential for busy moms.

It’s necessary to take time each day to practice self-care. As Audre Lorde once said:

Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation.

Choose one activity that fills your cup, and spend 15 or even 30 minutes doing that activity every day. If you struggle with finding enough time to do self-care start getting up just 15 minutes earlier. This can be your "me time" and set a positive tone for the rest of the day.

Go to bed on time

My son nailed it the other day. He said to me, "mommy, why do you go to bed last and get up first? I don't think you sleep enough."

In our rush to get ALL THE THINGS DONE or even just have some non-kid time with our spouse, we often neglect our own sleep. Instead of binge watching another episode or scrolling through social media, make it a point to head to bed at a decent hour tonight.

Make the commitment to healthy living

Getting into these habits is just the first step to living a healthy lifestyle. To truly make a change, you need to commit to your own wellness.

You can do just that with an incredible resource library created by women, many of whom are busy moms, who understand the challenges and have found solutions to make life healthier? 

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Women's Wellness

The Women's Wellness Bundle gives you the tools you need to:

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  • Balance your hormones
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  • Set loving boundaries for healthier relationships 

plus, so much more!

What I love most is that you get 80 resources you can refer to as you make healthy baby steps so you can feel as well as possible. With a library of health resources this big and diverse, it can meet your needs when you run into a new health concern, or as you master one area and are ready to move on to the next.

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You have nothing to lose... except those unhealthy habits.

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