Easy DIY Fall Candle Holders Made With Dollar Store Supplies

Give your home a cozy farmhouse look with these easy homemade Fall candle holders. 

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I love fall decorating. There's something about pumpkins and fall leaves, candles and warm blankets that makes a house so cozy as the air turns colder.

Instead of splurging on all the fall decor I can find, I try to DIY as much as possible and when I can find cute supplies from the dollar store it's even better. That's why I am in LOVE with these DIY Fall Candle Holders. You can make them with just a few inexpensive supplies and they are the perfect accent to all your fall home decor ideas. Want to make your own? Keep reading to find out how.

DIY Fall Candle Holders

These candle holders are super easy to make, using supplies you can find at Dollar Tree or similar discount stores. They are the perfect way to brighten up your mantle for the season or make a great Thanksgiving table centerpiece! Here's how to make your own.

Supplies needed:

Be sure you choose the sheer ribbon on the roll like we used. This way, you know it is wide enough to cover the vase adequately.


1. Begin by unrolling the ribbon a few inches and allow it to lay flat on your surface.

2. Lay your vase down on the sheer ribbon and slowly roll it, wrapping it in the ribbon as you go.

3. Once the ribbon is around the entire vase, trim it to fit so a great deal of ribbon isn't overlapping.

4.  Take your hot glue and run a thin line of it along the side of the vase where the two ends of ribbon connect. Press the ribbon to the glue so it holds secure to the vase. Pull tightly as you glue to help remove any wrinkles or gaps in the ribbon.

5. Drop a battery operated votive inside of the vase and enjoy! We used battery operated because they are safer and won't leave soot on the glass like a candle would.

You can easily make several of these for a fall mantle decoration. Use a simple cake stand to add some height to your decor for a lovely farmhouse look.

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