FREE Printable New Puppy Checklist for Dog Moms

Adopting a puppy? This FREE printable new puppy checklist has everything new pet parents need, from food and toys to grooming essentials and much more. Grab this printable puppy checklist and you'll be sure to be ready for your new puppy's arrival. Perfect for adult dogs too!

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Are you thinking of adopting a new puppy? It's a super exciting time when you first become a dog mom, but you may quickly become overwhelmed by all the things you need to do. There are just so many choices when it comes to pet supplies.

As a veteran dog mom (over 10 years now!), I can tell you that there are some essentials you do need when you adopt a puppy (or an adult dog). That's why I've put together a comprehensive new puppy checklist with everything you should have before your pup comes home. Plus I've made it into a free printable you can download and add to your planner to help you stay organized!

Everything you need for a new puppy in this FREE printable New Puppy Checklist! Whether you are adopting a puppy or an adult dog, dog moms need this handy checklist of must have pet supplies. #pets #dogs #newpuppy #puppy

Before we get to the checklist, I'll tell you one thing you need to do when you bring a new dog home.

Get organized. 

Your new puppy is going to get a lot of vaccines and checkups, and will likely need a pet sitter from time to time.

That's why I created a printable Pet Binder to help new pet parents keep all their dog (and cat) information in one place. It's the ultimate tool for organized dog moms! Check it out here.

Once you have your pet binder set up it's time to start shopping for your new puppy's supplies. Here's what you need to have on hand for your new bundle of joy!

New Puppy Checklist


Food & Water Bowls 
Raised bowls are a great choice to help your pet eat and drink more comfortably.

Talk with your vet about the best food choices for your new pup.

Collar with ID 
Make sure your puppy has a collar with an ID tag attached in case he gets lost. I recommend a machine washable collar so you can keep it from getting too stinky.

No matter what, do not get a retractable leash. Retractable leashes are dangerous for both you and your dog. A flat 6' or 4' leash is all you need.

As you get to know your puppy, you'll figure out what toys he or she likes best. To start, get a variety of puppy safe chew toys. You'll definitely want a puppy kong that you can fill with yummy snacks for when you need to keep your pup busy. If you're not sure what to get, let the folks at PupJoy personalize a toy box just for your pet.


Comfy Dog Bed
This is another thing that may require a little trial and error as you find out what your dog likes, and as he grows. I recommend choosing one with a washable cover so you can clean it easily.

Appropriate Size Crate
Crate training is one of the best things that you can do for your puppy. It helps him to feel safe and secure, and gives him a den of his own. You'll want a crate that is big enough for him to lie down and turn around comfortably.  If you have a puppy that is still growing, a crate with a divider panel is a great choice.


Be sure your dog has his own shampoo. Human shampoo or body wash will make their skin itchy and dry. I like to shop Grove Collaborative for all natural pet shampoo and even pet wipes for muddy paws.

You'll need to brush your dog regularly to help prevent mats and to keep his coat healthy. Speak with your veterinarian for specific recommendations based on your dog's breed.

Nail Clippers
Get your dog used to regular nail trims early to make things easier for both of you.


Puppy Pads
These are a lifesaver for house training!

Poop Scoop
Don't forget to pick up a scoop to clean up messes in the yard.

Waste Bags
Good pet parents always clean up after their dog, so be sure to carry some small pet waste bags on every walk. I love the compostable bags from Grove!

Enzymatic Cleaner for Accidents
Puppies = accidents so be sure to have the right cleaner for the job. You'll want a special enzymatic cleaner like Nature's Miracle to eliminate the odor.

Around the House

Playpen or Baby Gate
Having a safe place for your puppy or dog is key. Depending on the layout of your home, a play yard or baby gate(s) are great ways to keep your dog safe and contained when necessary.

Puppy proofing supplies
Depending on your home,  you may need additional puppy proofing supplies like cord covers.

Bitter Apple Spray
This is a great deterrent to help teach puppies what is OK to chew (and what is not).

Treat Jar
You'll want a cute treat jar for your pup's cookies!

Toy Box
Keep your house tidy with a toy box for your dog. We love this one.


When it comes to training your new puppy or older dog, positivity is the key. My friend Michelle at Pooch Parenting is a genius when it comes to helping make dogs wonderful members of the family (especially in homes with kids). You'll want to grab these training essentials too.


New puppies need a series of vaccines to keep them (and you) healthy. Make an appointment with a veterinarian within 1 week of bringing your puppy home, and avoid public places with your pup until he's seen the vet. Be sure to bring your pet binder to your first visit to take notes!

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Free Printable New Puppy Checklist

There are a lot of things to remember when it comes to stocking up for your new arrival. That's why I have this entire list as a free printable that you can download. Simply click the button below to get yours!


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